January 20, 2022

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India under 21 days lockdown: What remains open, closed. Read.

Coronavirus outbreaks remain unchanged throughout the world.  India is also fighting with Coronavirus. In view of current situation of Coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi  has announced that there will be lockdown across India for 21 days from 12:00 AM on 24th March 2020.
PM Modi said the situation may get worse and that is why 21 days lockdown is needed.

(Photo: PTI)

Here are important points addressed by PM Modi:

  • Lockdown will be effective for 21 days across India. 
  • 21 days will be important  to prevent a chain of coronavirus infections. 
  • Social distancing is the only effective way to prevent coronavirus. 
  • If negligence continues, India will have to pay a huge cost and the country will go back 21 years. 
  • Coronavirus has made many powerful countries helpless. 
  • 15000 crore allocated for strengthening the health system in the country. 
  • Supply of essential goods will continue uninterrupted during Lockdown. 
  • Avoid superstition and rumors. 

After PM’s announcement of 21 days lockdown, Home Ministry released a detailed guidelines on the measures to be taken for Coronavirus epidemic at central and state level.


  • Government services
  • All banks, ATMs
  • Media
  • Hospitals, Medical Stores
  • Vegetable, Milk and Grocery stores
  • Power transmission units
  • Petrol pump
  • Fire stations
  • Telecom Services,
  • Police, home guards, defence and armed forces


  • Hotels, Restaurants
  • Railway, ST
  • Newspaper distribution
  • Private Transport
  • Private office
  • Industries, Factory
  • Park, Garden
  • More than 20 people are not permitted during funerals