May 25, 2022

Trump threatens India of Retaliation if medicine request is turned down

US President Donald Trump has hinted at a possible retaliation if India does not lift it hold on the export of hydroxychloroquine the anti-malaria drug that’s used in the treatment of coronavirus. 

Trump in his press briefing on coronavirus has said that he has spoken to prime minister Narendra Modi about the supply of hydroxychloroquine adding that if India doesn’t allow export it may face retaliation. 

(Photo: Reuters)

According to Donald Trump  India and the United States have a very good business relationship. India has been taking advantage of the United States on trade so I would be surprised by that worse decision. He added that if India does not allow it to come out that would be okay but of course there may be retaliation. But according to sources, for India, domestic consumption of hydroxychloroquine is the priority and depending on the availability of the stock of the drug existing orders, then will be cleared. After Italy and Spain, the death toll  because of coronavirus in the United States has crossed  10,000 mark.