January 20, 2022

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Doctors withdraw planned protest after security assurance by Amit Shah

Indian Medical Association doctors withdraw planned protest after security assurance by Amit Shah

Union Home MInister Amit Shah and Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan   interacted with the Indian Medical Association doctors through video conferencing today.

The home minister has  assured  them security and appealed to them to not do even symbolic protests as proposed by them. The government is with them. Home Minister Amit Shah said security and dignity of our doctors at the hospitals is non-negotiable. Interacting with the Indian Medical Association doctors, the Home Minister assured the doctors that the government is with them and it will do every possible thing to protect them. 

Union Minister Amit Shah file photo (Photo credit: PTI)

“Safety and dignity of our doctors at their work place is non-negotiable. It is our collective responsibility to ensure a conducive atmosphere for them at all times. I have assured doctors that the Modi govt is committed to their cause and appealed to reconsider their proposed protest,” Amit Shah tweeted after the meeting.

Earlier The Indian Medical Association (IMA) had said on Monday it will observe a ‘Black Day’ on April 23 if the government does not take action or does not make any strict law on violence against doctors.

The candlelight protest of the doctors’ body was expected today at 9 P.M particularly after the incident in chennai where a doctor was not allowed to be buried and there have been multiple incidents, attacks happened in Moradabad, attacks happened in Indore, doctors are not allowed to come back home. So doctors have been demanding their security.

But now Union Home Minister and Union Health Minister both decided to step in and assurance has been given to doctors and health workers that the government will do everything possible to protect them.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said local thana level police protection will be provided to health workers.

The Indian Medical Association  withdrew its protest of April 22 and Black Day and  protest of April 23 after the assurance given by Honorable Home Minister Amit Shah.