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President Trump warns China of consequences if it is 'knowingly responsible' for COVID-19

April 19, 2020April 26, 2020 newsworld24 0 Comments US president Donald Trump has warned China of consequences if it was knowingly responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. In a conversation with the media at the White House, Donald Trump once again attacked China. Trump said that if we believe fake news, America is number one in death rate but we are not at the top but China. Trump said this when reporters at the White House questioned whether the spread of coronavirus from China’s Wuhan laboratory would be investigated? He said, “Yes, we are investigating.” President Donald Trump said that the United States is paying attention to the news that the corona virus claimed to have originated from the laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, killing millions of people worldwide. 

(Photo: Reuters)

President Trump said there is a big difference between a mistake that got out of control and something done purposely.  Trump said that let’s see what happens with China’s investigation as they have said they are doing it. But we are also doing the same. Donald Trump’s comments have come as a possible warning of actions that he might take against China. Dr. Deborah Birx – Response Coordinator for the Trump Administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force said, “There is never an excuse to not share information. when you are the first country to have an outbreak, you really have a moral obligation to the world to not only talk about it but provide that information that’s critical to the rest of the world to really respond to this credibly and I really want to thank our European colleagues who worked so hard to get us that information even in the midst of their own tragedies and I think that really shows how important transparency is.” Donald Trump also cast doubts on Chinese official figures that there were just 11.24 deaths per 100,000 people in the country.