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Coronavirus: Real figures came out from China

By NewsWorld24 Monday, March 23, 2020 Edit
The corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. 343,437 people have been found positive all over the world so far. The number of people dying due to the Coronavirus epidemic has crossed 14,910. However 99,068 people have also been cured from the disease. The world is in shock due to the increasing fear of the epidemic. China is accused of hiding the number of people killed by the epidemic.But the truth is not hidden from hiding, the truth comes out sometimes. The same has happened in the case of corona virus, you will be surprised if you know the real figures of people affected by corona virus in China.You know this that China is telling these days that there has been a lot of reduction in new cases and the number of people who have died has also come down. If we talk about the Chinese government, then according to them, around 4,000 have died so far, but the information we are going to give now is very dangerous.According to the information revealed, 15 million people have died in China. It was reported that China’s mobile companies were increasing the number of mobile subscribers every month before January 2020.  But between January and March more than 15 million active customers have disappeared and more than 8 million people who were using the mobile network daily, no one knows where they are.  They were an active customers but their mobile is now switched off. People gathering information on Coronavirus say that 15 million active customers disappeared from mobile companies data are not in the world now and this matter is very serious. Chinese independent journalists are also tweeting about this and informing the world.  This story is also based on information given on Twitter by a Chinese freelance journalist.

— Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 (@jenniferatntd) March 20, 2020