January 18, 2022

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What is Tablighi Jamaat ? 24 attendees test Positive for COVID-19

What is Tablighi Jamaat ?
24 Tablighi Jamaat attendees test positive for COVID-19:
The Nizamuddin of Delhi has now become the hotspot of Coronavirus in the country. The reason is that hundreds of people attended the religious program of Tablighi Jamaat here. These people joined the program of Tablighi Jamaat by ignoring the message of PM Modi’s social distancing and the threat of Corona. Due to this, the number of corona patients is expected to increase on a large scale in the country. It is being said that these people had attended a program of Markaz (center) of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi.

(Photo: PTI)

It is estimated that 1500–1700 people gathered in the Markaz building. In addition, 1033 people have been evacuated so far – 334 of them have been sent to hospitals and 700 have been sent to quarantine centers. People from different parts of the country and the world came to this program.  Now the central and state governments are trying to find all these people and investigate them, because some people from Malaysia and Indonesia also participated in this religious program, 24 people associated with Tablighi Jamaat Markaz in Delhi have been found to be Corona positive. Apart from this, 228 suspected patients have also been admitted to two hospitals in Delhi. Their report is yet to come.  Due to this, the possibility of Corona infection has increased, due to which the government and common people are also worried.  Here all you need to know about Tablighi Jamaat. What is Tablighi Jamaat?:

Many people had converted to Islam during the Mughal period, but they were adopting Hindu tradition and ritualism. After the British rule in India, the Arya Samaj started a purification campaign to re-convert them to Hinduism, due to which Maulana Ilyas Kandhalvi started the work of teaching Islam, for this he formed the Tablighi Jamaat in Mewat, Haryana in 1926.  It was introduced to the Muslims to maintain their religion and to propagate and inform Islam. Tablighi means a group that propagates the words of Allah, a group means a group that propagates the words of Allah. Markaz means place for meeting. Tablighi Jamaat has spreaded in more than 150 countries of the world. The people who go to it invest their own money. Many countries of Central Asia have banned Tablighi Jamaat.