January 20, 2022

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Istituto Marangoni during Miami Art Week December 2-4

Istituto Marangoni during Miami Art Week December 2-4

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ISTITUTO MARANGONI MIAMI TO HOST MI + MI = MILAN + MIAMI CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBIT DURING MIAMI ART WEEK, DECEMBER 2-4  Exhibit will showcase eight contemporary Italian artists plus one U.S.-based artist, to be held at the esteemed fashion and design school in Miami Design District. Premier Italian fashion and design school Istituto Marangoni Miami will host MI + MI = MILAN + MIAMI, a contemporary art exhibition, during Miami Art Week. Showcasing eight contemporary Italian artists, plus one U.S.-based artist, MI + MI = MILAN + MIAMI will be held at the fashion and design school in the Miami Design District, 3704 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137. The public can view the exhibition free of charge, Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p, m. Masks are required. Curated by Aldo Premoli in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Miami and Fabbrica Eos, the exhibition will feature artists from the Fabbrica Eos Gallery in Milan. One-third of the proceeds from sales of the art will benefit Istituto Marangoni Miamis scholarship program. Each year, Istituto Marangoni Miami awards scholarships to gifted students who wish to pursue a career in the fashion, design and art industries. The purpose of the exhibit is to create a bridge between two distinct cultures: the spirit and artistry of Milan -- internationally recognized as the hub of Italian excellence in fashion, design, art and luxury and the trend-driven, multi-cultural eclecticism of Miami. Milan and Miami are both incredibly dynamic cities that look to the future, and embrace the discovery of new visions, new perspectives and new talents, said Hakan Baykam, CEO and President of Istituto Marangoni Miami. The contemporary artists exhibiting in MI + MI = MILAN + MIAMI are: Giampiero Bodino, Manuel Felisi, Fabio Giampietro, Sonja Quarone, Davide Bramante, Beatrice Gallori, Dario Goldaniga, Troilo and Tomer Peretz, all from Fabbrica Eos Gallery, an art gallery founded in Milan in the early 1990s by Giancarlo Pedrazzini. The exhibition will remain at Istituto Marangoni Miami through December 2021. The eight Italian artists chosen for MI + MI = MILAN + MIAMI will conduct talks and/or workshops on art, fashion and design for the students of Istituto Marangoni Miami from December 2021 to March 2022. During these events, participating artist Peretz will create a pictorial portrait of the artist leading the talk or workshop. There will be a video wall of NFTs, comprised of both unrealized and famed NFTS by world-renowned artists Alessio De Vecchi, Fabio Giampietro and Manuel Felisi  who are all associated with Fabbrica Eos Gallery. READ MORE