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Day: April 13, 2022

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Jeff Bezos went on 60 Minutes in 2013 and pledged to fill the skies with a fleet of delivery drones that could zip parcels to customers’ homes in 30 minutes. Asked when this future would arrive, the Inc. founder said he expected drone deliveries to commence in the next five years or thereabouts. Almost a decade later, despite spending more than $2 billion...

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The Mysterious Life of Virgil Thomas — Reality of the Raging Civil Rights Conflict “No biography existed of the man, and Associate Professor Dan Geary had decided to take on the project of producing it. There was almost nothing established about this man’s early life.” — Patrick G. Zander. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April...

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12 April 2022 || 4 min read LIFT Aircraft Co. announced on April 7th that it was recently awarded a Phase 3 contract through the United States Air Force’s Agility Prime Program to continue experimentation and flight test efforts around HEXA, LIFT’s all-electric, single-seat eVTOL aircraft. Since 2020, LIFT Aircraft has conducted flight testing with...

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Author’s Great Great Grandfather’s Navy Career and the Documentations from the Mexican and Civil Wars “The fact that he spoke out was one of the reasons that he had not seen active duty for so long. Reigart had served faithfully as a professional naval officer for thirty-eight years.” — William F. McClintock Jr. LOS ANGELES,...

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