May 26, 2022

New Multi-Generational Podcast: Tabletok

Tabletok Bridging 5 Generations

Stop Corporal Punishment of Children at Home and in Schools

Show 2 Stop Corporal Punishment

A safe place for sharing across five generations, building bridges of understanding from Baby Boomers to the Z Generation. Controversial info without the bs.

The generational and cultural chasm has grown to a point of danger in American society.”

— Rick Tobin, Co-host of Tabletok

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, US, April 4, 2022 / — It’s Exciting! Welcome to Tabletok…with the young dynamic host De’Asia Bedford and her trusted senior ally, but strange sidekick, Rick Tobin. Tabletok promises straight talk in a world filled with crooked words. Join in for powerful wisdom and facts that are the coin of the realm when dining in honest discussion across multiple generations at Tabletok.

Tabletok was designed to build bridges across the gap of five generations: Zs, Millenials, Y’s, Xers, and the Baby Boomers. Rick Tobin, the show’s co-host stated, “The generational and cultural chasm has grown to a point of danger in American society. The joys of discovering who we are and our unique journeys have been clouded by poor education, tribalism, and media misinformation. The time has come for listening and sharing voices from many decades so our past is not disregarded and our present is enhanced and respected.”

De’Asia Bedford is a young African-American co-ed with a sharp mind and insightful wisdom far beyond her years while being a terrific example of many of the Z Generation who strive for a better world, which now seems to offer less than their parents and certainly their grandparents. Rick is a white, senior Baby Boomer farm boy from the Midwest who has traveled widely and experienced a complex and multi-faceted life with a host of successful careers in many endeavors. He represents the wisdom, on occasion, of the Baby Boomers, hoping to remind the listeners that gray hair also sits on active gray matter.

Tabletok is about controversial and timely topics that beg for safe sharing in a venue similar to sitting down at the family table…unless your family was dysfunctional. In their initial show, they jumped into issues regarding the horrific war in Ukraine. In show number two, they went right after the need to stop all corporal punishment of children, at home and in schools. Future programs promise even more wrenching topics with new perspectives. Their approach is to acknowledge inequities that exist and the imbalances they create. Tabletok strives, when possible; to offer unique ideas to bring the world into balance, peace, and harmony.

De’Asia Bedford and Rick Tobin don’t claim to be miracle workers, like many who claim to solve the world’s issues with empty snippets in a brief blast to the public forum. Bedford and Tobin believe that all of us…the current five generations…have the answers within us if we will only share and break bread together… on Tabletok.

The show’s logo is symbolic of Tabletok’s open chairs for conversation without restrictions from the brick walls around us trying to keep people apart, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, nationality…or even planet or dimensional origin. The ambiance can cover heavy topics but there is always some humor to drive away from the insanity that breeds evil…the evil of fear Tabletok will refuse to dine with at the table.

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