May 26, 2022

Paving The Way for A New Alberta

Alberta Property Project

The Alberta Prosperity Project is a non-partisan educational society formed by grass-root, hard-working Albertans.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, April 20, 2022 / — In 2018, Alberta’s energy sector contributed over $71.5 billion to Canada’s nominal gross domestic product? (Energy and Economy, 2019)

Alberta is on a downhill spiral that will be exacerbated by shuttering our oil and gas industry and may result in a one-third reduction in the average income of Albertans, as determined by Jack Mintz, the Chair of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, (National Post, November 11, 2021)

The loss of over $250 billion of investment planned for Alberta

subsequent to 2007 due to unreasonably restrictive federal regulatory policies which, via the multiplier effect, has cost Alberta more than $1.25 trillion of increased economic activity, which would have significantly benefited both Alberta and all of Canada.

87% of Albertans are concerned about inflation and the cost of living. (Angus Reid Forum Survey, 2022)

73% of Albertans are disillusioned with the Federal Government. (Angus Reid Institute, ARI, 2022)

Alberta Prosperity Project

The Alberta Prosperity Project is a non-partisan educational society formed by grass-root, hard-working Albertans. At APP, we are committed to inspiring, educating and advocating for all Albertans to safeguard and strengthen the future of this great province.

Our inspiring initiative aims to unite all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect and defend their individual freedoms and rights, interests, prosperity and self-determination by taking back control of our affairs and enabling Alberta to chart a new path forward- a path that is free of consistent constraints and unfair treatment of Alberta within Confederation.

Our mission is to engage, inform, educate, inspire all Albertans on the rationale and merits of an Independent Alberta, how we will make it happen; how we will assuage the concerns of those about Alberta Independence and, most importantly, heal those who have been so aggrieved mentally, emotionally, and economically by the actions of uncaring federal and provincial elected officials.

The Alberta Prosperity Project believes that independence is the road to prosperity and freedom from over-regulation, over-governance, over-taxation, and deep-seated corruption that continues to shackle our people. It is possible to imagine a fairer and brighter future where no Albertan is left behind!

Our vision is for Alberta to become the new Sovereign Constitutional Republic that recognizes the Supremacy of God as foundational to an “Alberta Constitution”, civil society, the rule of law, and which absolutely protects Albertan’s individual freedoms and rights wherein our province becomes the most free and prosperous nation in the world to live, work, raise a family, or start a business.

We envision Alberta to become a province where social programs are compassionate and effective, healthcare and education are of the highest quality, and pension and old age security are markedly enhanced. Furthermore, where workers’ rights are protected, business is allowed to thrive. Most of all, we imagine a future where every Albertan and their family has a right to an enhanced quality of life and standard of living. The Alberta Prosperity Project envisions Alberta becoming the lowest taxed and highest GDP per capita nation globally.

Our call is to all those inhabiting this great province who believe in similar core values and principles of liberty and prosperity of Alberta. Our message is that of hope for Freedom and Prosperity within which each of us has a significant role to play. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to fight for our independence. Join us. Together we can chart a new path forward for Alberta as an Independent and Sovereign Nation.

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