December 3, 2022

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Day: May 9, 2022

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We’ve received our first significant comments surrounding Boeing’s upcoming middle of the market aircraft in years following … Originally published at
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SunTrax will open this year as a major R&D hub for autonomous vehicles. A virtuous-triangle collaboration by three compatible organizations promises a bright future for autonomous vehicle testing in Central Florida. The path toward vehicle autonomy is accelerating. But R&D and testing is the fuel—or charging device—that can significantly advance adoption. To that end, related...
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Holcim’s managers watch as Lordstown Landfill operators dig out-of-state waste from railcars. The sloping ground, covered with waste, drains to a local stream only a few hundred feet away. Due to waste, uncontrolled dust, oil and heat, fires are not uncommon at the Lordstown Landfill. Fortunately, no one was hurt during this blaze. But the...
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Heart N Hands hosts several fitness events each year and provides heart related sessions with community partners and organizations focused on the health and wellness of their community. Heart N Hands’ mission is to empower, educate and raise awareness of heart health, heart disease prevention, provide heart health education, integrate physical fitness/exercise/sport activities and encourage...