May 25, 2022

Turkey and Kazakhstan to Jointly Produce Anka UAVs

Turkish Aerospace Industries signed a new cooperation with Kazakhstan, with which ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle signed an export agreement last year. With the memorandum of understanding signed between Turkish Aerospace Industries and Kazakhstan Engineering Company, ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will be produced jointly in Kazakhstan.

In addition to joint production, cooperation will be made on technology transfer issues including maintenance and repair processes.

ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which has signed an export agreement with Kazakhstan, paved the way for production in Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, which will become the first production base of ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle outside of Turkey, an important step has been taken towards training human resources in this field and improving Kazakhstan’s UAV production capability.

Sharing his thoughts on the memorandum of understanding, Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said,

“We are very excited to sign a new production base for our ANKA. We are proud that ANKA, which we have developed with domestic and national resources, is so popular abroad. Thanks to this agreement, which will contribute to the defense and aviation industry of the region, we will contribute to the strengthening of our commercial and friendship ties with the friendly and brotherly country Kazakhstan. I hope our cooperation will be beneficial.”

Under the new agreement signed between TAI and Kazakhstan Engineering Company, cooperation will be carried out on technology transfer issues, including maintenance and repair processes as well as production.

Thus, Kazakhstan became Ankara’s first production partner outside Turkey.

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