September 25, 2022

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Day: June 7, 2022

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Superintendent Forrest (left) and Jean Regnier (right) discuss TWS summer program African American private K-8 school founded by NFL player designs free summer program. Combines academic rigor, field trips to address pandemic related issues. Summer school must address the needs of students and parents in a post-pandemic world” — TWS Superintendent Alfonzo Forrest BROOKLYN, NEW...
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Johnny Vieira Founder VotifyNow VotifyNow app is seeing a huge growth of new users immediately after an in-depth interview was published by Gold Standard news organization The Epoch Times “After 2020 and hearing about election integrity, I started to think about trying to help solve that issue,” Vieira said.” — Johnny Vieira Founder of VotifyNow...
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June-is-Mens-Health-Month International Men’s Health Week Wear Blue for Men Puppy June 17 Wear Blue for Men’s Health Puppy June 17 Spanish Your Head, an Owner’s Manual Men’s Health Month focuses on health disparities affecting men and boys year-round. Men don’t always take their health too seriously because they feel good and they are fine. This...