September 25, 2022

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Day: June 12, 2022

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(June 7, 2022) HERZELIA, Isr. — FlightOps Ltd., a leading multi-drone operating system (OS) provider, today announced a significant commercial agreement with DroneUp, a major drone flight services provider.   “Using the FlightOps OS, our customers can fly more missions over longer distances with increased safety and reduced costs,” said FlightOps CEO Shay Levy. “Our technology will...
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Elmore home in Memphis has the world’s largest display of Original African Furnishings in the World. Safari Initiative is a way to bring Africans & African Americans together. Safari is an acronym that means; Styled African Family Application Renaissance Initiative Anthony “Amp” Elmore wrote, produced, directed & starred in Memphis 1st Feature film. Linn Sitler...
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June-is-Mens-Health-Month International Men’s Health Week Wear Blue for Men Puppy June 17 Wear Blue for Men’s Health Puppy June 17 Spanish Your Head, an Owner’s Manual Men’s Health Month focuses on health disparities affecting men and boys year-round. Men don’t always take their health too seriously because they feel good and they are fine. This...