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Day: August 12, 2022

Japan Trials Seaplane Drone in Fish Spotting
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Japan Trials Seaplane Drone in Fish SpottingA Japanese company has created an unmanned, autonomous aerial drone that it envisages could be used to monitor infrastructure, search for missing swimmers or vessels, and to spot schools of fish. The company, Space Entertainment Laboratory, along with Itochu Aviation, ran a demonstration experiment – with the cooperation of Nagai Town Fisheries Cooperative and Yokosuka...
Gant Travel Selects Aimendo’s Orchestrator, a Novel Free Text Omni-Channel Bot Platform
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Gant Travel Selects Aimendo’s Orchestrator, a Novel Free Text Omni-Channel Bot PlatformGant Travel selects Aimendo's Orchestrator for email parsing technology to identify critical information in email travel requests.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - August 12, 2022 - (

Gant Travel, an awarding-winning TMC serving the North American corporate sector, announces the selection of Aimendo's Orchestrator for email parsing technology to identify critical information in email travel requests. 

Email travel requests comprise a component of every corporate agency's offering. Because of their unstructured nature, email service requests remain one area where agencies must employ significant manual labor to address. This aspect drives additional cost and productivity limits that can hamper agency efficiency and customer experience. Using Aimendo's latest technology, Gant launched a pilot to parse email to streamline booking and service requests. 

The pilot aimed to prove that Aimendo's system could identify critical information in email travel requests. "Over the past two months, we confirmed Aimendo's ability to identify, monitor, and extract customer intent and actionable booking and ticketing data on our tech stack; we're excited about the success and potential this brings to Gant Travel," says Patrick Linnihan, Gant's CEO and President. In the next phase of the pilot, Gant will connect the data extracted by Aimendo to machine-readable traveler profiles and corporate travel policies to produce travel reservations via Gant's tech stack. 

"Our shared vision has always been to harness the power of artificial intelligence to create a "Bot Army" to turbocharge the work of a corporate travel agent. We look forward to building on this experience to drive Gant's team's productivity further and to power a new generation of customer experience on emailed travel requests." said Vic Pynn, Co-founder of Aimendo. 

About Gant 

Gant Travel is a digitally driven, data-centric travel management company that helps travelers enhance their experience while controlling the expense of business travel. Gant provides advanced technology, processes, and highly trained people to coordinate business travel and achieve the highest possible ROI from travel. Gant is the two-time winner of the Concur Innovation and earned multiple Call Center Weekly awards. Gant has also been named on the Inc 5000 list and earned the Best Workplace Institute certification. For more information on Gant contact: [email protected] or visit 

About Aimendo 

Founded in 2020, Aimendo has rapidly created a robust and highly specialized NLU-based technology for travel sellers seeking greater productivity from free text communication channels. Like email. Or chat. And text. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we apply to artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the travel industry's unique requirements. Today, we offer Orchestrator, a transaction management platform powered by a hybrid AI-ML learning engine, continuously and specifically trained for travel. Orchestrator executes four critical functions needed to optimize customer support through free text channels. It identifies transaction volumes, types and frequencies, monitors transactions for routing, then, at the client's option, fulfills transaction requests through specialized travel automation. Orchestrator may also be deployed to predict, harvesting data for scenario planning and other resource-related modeling exercises. Travel companies struggling to consume, understand and manage client-specific communications using automated technologies should contact [email protected] and visit us online at

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CCHR Exposes Mental Health Human Rights Violations Using a Top-Rated Museum Exhibit
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CCHR Exposes Mental Health Human Rights Violations Using a Top-Rated Museum ExhibitThe headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater. The Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum is open daily in downtown Clearwater, Florida The museum presents the unvarnished history of psychiatry across fourteen audio-visual displays, each revealing another aspect of psychiatric abuse and violations of human rights. Restoring Human Rights Dignity in the Field...
15 Incredible FUTURE Planes
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15 Incredible FUTURE PlanesEver since the Wright Brothers first took flight in 1903, humanity has been looking to the skies as our favorite means of fast travel. But the world of aviation has come a long way since and isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. From bigger passenger planes to supersonic private jets for the rich...