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Day: November 2, 2022

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There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates...
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Combination Expands Heniff's Network and Multimodal Service Offerings

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill. - November 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Heniff Transportation Systems, LLC announced today that it has acquired the corporate holding company of tank truck operator Coal City Cob Company, Inc. Through this most recent acquisition, Heniff continues to accelerate its industry-leading growth in the tank truck industry's chemical space. Coal City Cob ("CCC") operates with over 230 drivers and 500 trailers within its nationwide network of terminals, including a significant rail-to-truck bulk transfer yard and tank wash facility at its headquarters in Waxahachie, Texas.  The existing Heniff and CCC teams will work closely to ensure a timely and efficient integration between the two networks, with a focus on combined customer, employee, and driver satisfaction. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

"We're very pleased to welcome Coal City Cob into the Heniff family of companies," said Bob Heniff, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Heniff Transportation Systems. "I've been friends and a competitor with the Cloonen family for many, many years and this combination now allows us to work together as partners. Given the complementary nature of the two operations, we believe strongly that this combination will create value for all our stakeholders and offer real service enhancements to our respective customers."

"I will be forever grateful to Mike Cloonen and Cotton Creek Capital for entrusting our team to carry forward 50 years of its history," said Alan Goldstein, President of Coal City Cob. "As we enter this new relationship, I could not be more convinced that both companies are committed to preserving the same shared values, which start and end with taking care of people. I'm excited for our organization to join the Heniff team and improve our abilities to provide our customers with creative solutions and excellent service. Of equal importance, I believe our existing drivers will discover meaningful economic opportunities by gaining access to Heniff's expansive footprint and uniquely diversified service offerings."

About Heniff Transportation Systems, LLC

Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, the Heniff family of companies is North America's premier leader in liquid bulk transportation services. We operate approximately 2,000 tractors and 5,000 trailers through our network of over 100 locations with expertise in chemical transport, food-grade transport, rail transloading, ISO depot operations, equipment maintenance, tank cleaning services, and logistics. Our mission is to efficiently transport our customers' chemical and food-grade products safely, securely and on time, every time. From our high-tech tracking and state-of-the-art technology systems to our professional drivers and responsive customer service team, everything we do is focused on providing effective solutions to our customers' complex supply chain challenges. For more information about our Company and its services, please visit www.heniff.com.

About Coal City Cob Company, Inc.

Based in Waxahachie, Texas, Coal City Cob Company, Inc. was founded in 1970 and today provides liquid bulk transportation services to the chemical and hazardous waste industries through its nationwide network of nine terminals, including a centrally located 27-acre facility in Waxahachie integrating rail-to-truck transfer, fleet maintenance, and tank wash capabilities.

Contact Information:
Dan Furth
Executive Vice President
[email protected]

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After huge success on iOS, the expertly-designed math curriculum is now available across children's games on Android devices

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - November 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

SKIDOS, an award-winning platform of learning games for kids, has announced the launch of its highly-anticipated, freshly-revamped math curriculum for its games on Android devices. Designed in joint collaboration with educators, designers, and engineers, the new math curriculum is completely aligned with US Common Core and UK National Curriculum standards. The curriculum has already received huge praise from parents and children alike since its launch on iOS platforms last month.

SKIDOS' new math curriculum across its games will provide greater agency to children by giving them visual and voice feedback on their answers. The data-driven approach behind its design is aimed at making children more comfortable around math concepts and be independent learners. Instead of negative marking or penalties being imposed on wrong answers, the SKIDOS apps encourage positive learning styles to eliminate fear around the subject and reduce anxiety for children.

Like all 40+ SKIDOS games, the math curriculum will be added between levels of popular, child-friendly games to build connections between natural play and learning. Children will be able to learn and revise their math concepts even while enjoying these exciting games to the fullest.

Additionally, the parents will be able to track their child's progress through customized learning performance reports delivered to their inbox twice a month.

Aditya Prakash, the CEO and founder of SKIDOS, commented on the inclusion, "We have always strived to raise curious and confident young learners through our gaming and learning content. Our 'learning through play' approach stands out with its aim to enhance quality screen time with quality learning. Since a large part of the world uses Android devices, it made natural sense to offer our new math curriculum to the billion plus android users around the world."

Starting from September 27th, the brand-new math core curriculum will be seen on top-rated games like Superstore & Bakery in the Play store. In later phases, the curriculum will be rolled out across all 40+ games on Android devices. The children will find the new learning content to be more interactive and engaging with the addition of friendly SKIDOS mascots to the games.

Furthermore, in addition to the benefit of this curriculum, all SKIDOS users also get a child-safe and completely ad-free experience. A single subscription to SKIDOS Pass gives users the ability to create up to 6 profiles on multiple devices, and unlimited access to all 40+ games on the platform.


SKIDOS creates kids learning games that have been fostering creativity, learning, and above all a joyful experience ever since its inception in 2015. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its vision is to change the way children learn and imagine, becoming self-assured learners of tomorrow. Currently, SKIDOS offers unlimited access to 40+ educational apps for 2-11-year-olds. Games are available in 13 languages on iOS and Android.

Contact Information:
Rachita Gupta
Content Manager
[email protected]

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Rising demand, labor shortages require a comprehensive digital solution for hotel operations and hotel labor management.

ARCADIA, Calif. - November 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Guests are returning to hotels as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes. However, hotels still face labor shortages, meaning many hotels are overwhelmed with tasks and guest requests. Wrkspot provides a solution that solves that problem for hotels of all sizes.

Wrkspot is the developer of a software solution to help streamline hotel operations and resolve labor challenges, replacing clipboards, walkie-talkies and spreadsheets with a single digital tool that combines human resources information systems (HRIS) and operations management. 

Last week, hospitality data analysts STR reported that demand for hotel rooms in September 2022 was just 6% less than pre-pandemic levels, making it the fifth consecutive month of global demand at more than 90% of pre-pandemic levels.

Meanwhile, a survey this summer by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that nearly all (97%) of respondents were experiencing staffing shortages, while almost half (49%) experienced severe staffing shortages. And Bloomberg reported in July that more than half of hospitality workers will not go back to their former jobs.

That combination indicates that hotels need a way to work more efficiently, said Raja Epsilon, founder and CEO of WrkSpot. "WrkSpot gives hoteliers the ability to do more with less - fewer people, which is a big concern in this labor market, as well as less time and fewer tools. Running all of your operations on one platform means that your data is connected, communication is faster & easier, and you don't spend time translating information from one system to another - no double or even triple-work."

Even today, Epsilon said, hotels are run largely on paper and pencil and by people who are walking the property or using walkie-talkies. That makes for an inefficient process that is vulnerable to errors and duplication of effort.

"Say a housekeeper goes home sick or doesn't show up at all. Now those rooms have to be reassigned," Epsilon said. "That means someone has to go out and walk the halls to find housekeepers who are already at work and give them additional rooms. That someone is then not able to focus on the job they're supposed to be doing, and there are the endless distractions that become possible as soon as you stop focusing on your task."

Walkie-talkies provide immediate communication, but without privacy, and without the precision of written communication, which leads to mistakes. "All of that means a room may not be cleaned or towels may be delivered to room 214, instead of 241," Epsilon said. "Those aren't tragedies, but the cost adds up."

A digital solution also generates and stores operational data instantly, instead of by requiring input from paper records. That provides hotel managers with access to information they can use to be smarter about how they run their business, he explained.

WrkSpot also streamlines hotel operations by putting all of the back-of-the-house operations systems in a single tool, adding value by combining different elements of the management system. That means staff do not need to train on and juggle multiple systems, transferring information from one tool to another.

"For example, when someone's information goes into WrkSpot during the hiring and onboarding process, it's attached to that person when the general manager is building schedules," Epsilon said. "That means all of the required information is there to create a payroll file. That same person also uploads their completed paperwork to their record and gets training assignments, including videos from a library the hotel creates, all in WrkSpot."

Wrkspot customers also can take advantage of integrations like the new Choice PMS and HotelKey PMS integrations that improve the pace of housekeeping assignments and adjust in real-time as guests check out. It also has deep functionality, such as automated communication that alerts managers when an employee is about to move into overtime, and chat that translates between languages, so there is no delay or confusion between employees who speak different languages.

Together, Wrkspot adds up to cost savings at a time when hotels face thinner margins, as business rebounds and overtime costs may spike. Epsilon said that Wrkspot users report time saved in communication and in scheduling people down for routine tasks, as well as in more efficient scheduling of housekeeping and maintenance requests, and tracking which rooms have already been serviced. Managers also have more visibility into scheduling and clock-in/out, ensuring scheduling matches budget. 

"We also see much faster guest request response, because everyone can see that a request is being taken care of and who it's assigned to, so you don't have multiple people on the same request and the person closest to that guest can take care of the problem quickly," Epsilon said. "That means better guest satisfaction, which leads to better reviews, which leads to higher bookings."

Wrkspot also assists managers with hotel portfolio management, enabling them to see both individual hotels as well as patterns across properties. "If you are examining employee attrition rates, you can look at trends by department and other criteria, then dig into individual hotels to see if the problem is driven by one or two properties or is a portfolio-wide trend," Epsilon said. "Seeing that kind of pattern without juggling spreadsheets and files is worth a lot."

WrkSpot goes beyond problem-specific solutions to handle the entirety of hotel operations, including labor management, in one integrated solution. It also provides a training platform and document management system, both of which are integral to digital transformation for hotels. "I think of it as helping hoteliers solve problems they don't yet know that they have," Epsilon said. 

To learn more about how Wrkspot integrates and streamlines all aspects of hospitality management, visit wrkspot.com.

About Wrkspot

WrkSpot, founded in 2017, is the developer of a revolutionary software suite for hotel portfolio management that integrates HRIS, operations management and communication in a single app. By managing and engaging staff, controlling costs and streamlining operations, and improving compliance and safety, WrkSpot allows hotel managers to avoid being bogged down by the unavoidable details of hotel operations.

Contact Information:
Buse Kayar
[email protected]

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There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates...