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Day: January 18, 2023

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There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates...
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COLOGNE/STOCKHOLM, January 10, 2023 – Europe has agreed on measures to be applied in aviation in response to the  specific localised worsening of the COVID-19 epidemiological situation in China, making recommendations which could potentially also be applied in other geographical regions in similar situations.  The recommendations, defined in an Addendum to the Aviation Health Safety...
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Panel of judges side with PredictIt plaintiffs, grant hearing at next possible opportunity

WASHINGTON - January 18, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

A motions panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, comprised of three judges, has denied the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC) motion to dismiss the appeal of a case brought by more than a dozen plaintiffs, including PredictIt traders, educators, and market service provider Aristotle. 

The Court decision ensures that the plaintiffs get a hearing, now scheduled for Feb. 8, 2023, in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the jurisdiction in which the lawsuit was filed.

"It is Aristotle's view that the CFTC's withdrawal of PredictIt's no-action letter in August has already hurt Traders and it threatens to do even greater harm. We are pleased that the Fifth Circuit agrees that the plaintiffs deserve their day in court as soon as possible," said David Mason, Aristotle General Counsel and former Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman. 

After several months of inaction in a lower court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recognizes the significance of the issues at hand and the damage caused by further delays. 

In the Plaintiffs Reply Brief to the Fifth Circuit on Jan. 12, plaintiffs had stated: 

"Unelected bureaucrats have been vested with great power over American citizens and businesses and are protected from damages by sovereign immunity, even when they behave arbitrarily. What makes this arrangement remotely consistent with fairness and democracy is that Congress empowered courts to review agencies' momentous decisions and to pause them before they cause too much irreparable damage to the governed. 

"This Court should reject the CFTC's attempt to break that balance and evade this crucial check on its power. The Court should grant an injunction, so the substantial legal questions presented on the merits will not be academic when reached, the agency already having done its worst to the citizens it governs."

Aristotle is the contract service provider for the PredictIt Market, which has operated under No-Action Relief CFTC 14-130 since 2014. 

Requests for the full text of appeal documents and other press inquiries should be directed to [email protected].


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There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates...
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Libraries with empowering, carefully curated literature will be available at Valley State Prison and Central California Women's Facility

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - January 18, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

The national non-profit Freedom Reads has partnered with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to open Freedom Libraries at Valley State Prison (VSP) and Central California Women's Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla, Calif. 

A carefully curated, 500-book collection will be available at each institution. Books will be placed in mini portable libraries in each of VSP's 17 housing units and also made available to staff. CCWF will open five housing unit libraries. 

Each bookshelf is handcrafted out of maple, walnut or cherry and is curved to contrast the straight lines and bars of prisons as well as to evoke Martin Luther King Jr.'s line about the "arc of the universe" bending "toward justice." 

Founded by 2021 MacArthur Fellow and Yale Law School graduate Reginald Dwayne Betts, who was sentenced to nine years in prison at age 16, the Freedom Libraries seek to create a space in prisons to encourage community and where reaching for a book can be as spontaneous as human curiosity. Each bookshelf is handcrafted out of maple, walnut or cherry and is curved to contrast the straight lines and bars of prisons as well as to evoke Martin Luther King Jr.'s line about the "arc of the universe" bending "toward justice."

"Far too often, the only thing that's beautiful in a prison are the people," said Betts, Founder and Executive Director of Freedom Reads. "With the opening of these libraries in VSP and CCWF we are bringing beauty, bringing books and bringing people inside to have the kinds of conversations we believe could help transform the lives of those incarcerated. We are thankful to share our goal of creating opportunities for daily engagement with literature inside their facilities."

Brandy Buenafe, Library Services Administrator for CDCR's statewide system of libraries, said she's eager to see the new books circulating at the institutions. "Reading is a step toward rehabilitation, and can create deep personal change in anyone who embraces it. Books and knowledge are irreplaceable and can lead to successful outcomes," Buenafe said. "We would like to thank Freedom Reads and Dwayne Betts for bringing these libraries to our prisons, and offering the gift to our incarcerated population that comes with reading."

Freedom Reads is among a host of rehabilitative programs offered at VSP and CCWF and is part of CDCR's commitment to providing opportunities for academic growth at all its institutions. Last year, VSP and CCWF began offering a bachelor's degree program through Fresno State University.

"Valley State Prison's goal is to empower the incarcerated population through literacy and education," said Acting Warden Matt McVay. "Freedom Reads' donation will be an invaluable addition to the rehabilitative and life-changing materials and programs available to those at VSP."

CCWF Warden Mike Pallares (A) said the generous donation has been eagerly anticipated. "I believe reading is a way to develop the mind and grow as a person, and these libraries will increase access and availability of good reading material at our prison."

Betts' nonprofit is a first-of-its-kind organization that empowers people through literature to imagine new possibilities for their lives. Books in the Freedom Library have been selected through consultations with hundreds of poets, novelists, philosophers, teachers, friends, and voracious readers. The libraries include contemporary poets, novelists, and essayists alongside classic works from Homer's The Odyssey to the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, titles that remind us the book has long been a freedom project. Freedom Reads is working to put a Freedom Library within reach of every person incarcerated in this country. 

Following the openings of the libraries, Betts on Jan. 19 will perform for an audience at VSP and CCWF his one-man show Felon: An American Washi Tale. In this show he explores the lingering consequences of having a criminal record, fatherhood, the power of literature, and love. The show is based on Betts' poetry collection Felon

VSP is a low-security, general population institution open since 1995, and was converted from an all-female to an all-male institution in 2013. CCWF opened in 1990 and is the largest female institution in the state. 

About Freedom Reads:

Freedom Reads works to empower people through literature to confront what prison does to the spirit. Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and inspired by the recognition that freedom begins with a book, Freedom Reads supports the efforts of people in prison to transform their lives through increased access to books and writers. For more information about Freedom Reads and the Freedom Libraries project please visit https://freedomreads.org.


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Original Source: New 'Freedom Libraries' in California Institutions Seek to Empower Incarcerated People
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The school seeks new instructors to staff its new 90,000-square-foot expansion and accommodate its burgeoning student body.

LARAMIE, Wyo. - January 18, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

WyoTech, a leading U.S. automotive, diesel, and collision trade school, seeks new instructors, following the construction of a new $16 million, 90,000-square-foot expansion to its Laramie, Wyoming, campus. Completed in November of 2022, the expansion allows the school to increase its capacity to 1,200 students. 

Between 2018 and 2021, enrollment at WyoTech increased by 2,300%, prompting the need for additional space. The school's current student enrollment is 850 students.

With this expansion, WyoTech is seeking new instructors to join its team and help provide the highest quality education to its students. The school is looking for automotive, diesel, and collision professionals passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of technicians.

Instructors will not just be spending time lecturing, but will also get to spend time in the shop getting their hands dirty along with the students. They get the reward of seeing the students' eyes light up when they finally understand their passion and have the satisfaction of helping the students' dreams become a reality. 

"We're thrilled to be able to offer more students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and learn the skills they need to be successful in the automotive, diesel, and collision industries," said Shawn Nunley, WyoTech's Vice President of Training. "Now we're looking for instructors dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential and are excited to be a part of the WyoTech team." 

All instructors will provide training at the Laramie, Wyoming, campus, a lively college town with plenty of outdoor recreation, vibrant nightlife, and a friendly community. No teaching experience is required to apply. 

"It's a great place to raise kids while offering a unique blend of natural beauty, small-town charm, and opportunities for outdoor adventure. If you love the outdoors and value a sense of community, come on up, take a tour and do an interview," said Levi Gemmill, Automotive Instructor at WyoTech.

For more information on the school and to apply for instructor positions, please visit WyoTech's website at www.wyotech.edu/careers or contact Shawn Nunley, Vice President of Training, at [email protected]

About WyoTech

WyoTech, formerly known as Wyoming Technical Institute, is a for-profit technical college founded in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1966. WyoTech provides training programs that prepare students for careers as technicians in the automotive and diesel industry with nine-month training programs that focus on hands-on experience.

Contact Information:
Mike Albanese
[email protected]
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