June 26, 2022

Aviation - Social Gov

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(June 7, 2022) HERZELIA, Isr. — FlightOps Ltd., a leading multi-drone operating system (OS) provider, today announced a significant commercial agreement with DroneUp, a major drone flight services provider.   “Using the FlightOps OS, our customers can fly more missions over longer distances with increased safety and reduced costs,” said FlightOps CEO Shay Levy. “Our technology will...
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The way Boeing will go about designing and building its next aircraft and aircraft widely for the future will take a turn you might not … Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSNap0GSLN8
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Loitering munitions, the Ukraine war, and the drift towards ‘killer robots’. – Drone Wars UKSwitchblade loitering munition flies towards target area. The operator views video feed and then designates which  target the munition should strike. Loitering munitions are now hitting the headlines in the media as a result of their use in the Ukraine war.  Vivid descriptions of ‘kamikaze drones’ and ‘suicide drones’ outline the way in which these...