September 25, 2022

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The augmented reality excavator is one of Trimble’s roster of field technologies. High-quality digital tools for 3D geolocation are helping to unlock the full potential of next-generation transit systems, enabling increased efficiency in all phases of action while improving safety and the end-user experience. Today’s social and technological landscape continues to evolve, with companies undertaking...
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The Boeing 737 MAX has re-entered headlines with some massive developments surrounding its future within China following an … Originally published at
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At Elroy Air, we are building autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) cargo aircraft systems that will change the way the world moves goods. Transporting cargo by air has so much potential! It’s much faster than by land or sea, but before recent developments in perception, autonomy, electric powertrain and aerospace materials – air transport...
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There’s been massive news surrounding British Airways and the launch of their brand new subsidiary that will be based out of … Originally published at
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Near Space Corporation (Tillamook UAS) and UAS Denmark Test Center have entered into a cooperative agreement to share facilities and services with their mutual customers.  The agreement between the companies will offer customers the ability to operate under a single commercial contract and currency for the duration of their testing at either location. Efficiencies in...
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A swarm of 10 bright blue drones lifts off in a bamboo forest in China, then swerves its way between cluttered branches, bushes and over uneven ground as it autonomously navigates the best flight path through the woods. The experiment, led by scientists at Zhejiang University, evokes scenes from science fiction – and the authors in...
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Northrop Grumman has released new concept art of a future unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which shows a sleeker design to that previously shown in late 2021. The artist’s rendering, released to Janes on 5 May, shows an unmanned version of the Model 401 manned experimental prototype developed by Northrop Grumman subsidiary, Scaled Composites. Although the latest concept...