December 3, 2022

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How High the Larks Fly

Based on the True-To-Life Story of Ruth Lindenau: The Brave and Courageous Woman that Survived the World War II

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

— Mark Twain.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 / — Christine Hamer-Hodges has published her book about the life of Ruth Lindenau, a brave and courageous woman that survived World War II, titled, How High the Larks Fly. It was about the life of Ruth Lindenau when she was a young girl who came from Tiegenort, a lovely little village in what was then West Prussia, now Poland. It is a story of profound courage and bravery during and after World War II, the story of a person who survived three separate prison camps in her young life and how her talent and courage kept her going. Her harrowing experiences shaped her character and personality, but always her courage saved her.

“I highly recommend reading this wonderful book to appreciate my mom’s incredible story. Christine managed brilliantly to capture her ordeal in a world turned upside down. She depicted the story of her strong-willed wavering spirit in the face of great adversity…Well done Christine Hamer-Hodges. God Bless you, and forever Bless my beautiful mom.”— Barbara Ranalli.

“…This biography will also aid teenagers in gaining perspective on what they worry about today. Stories of immense bravery and courage like Ruth’s are always important to maintain one’s sense of gratitude that is needed especially in teens, who may see their problems as the end of the world when it is not the case…”— Katie Oberle.

“…This is the true story of Ruth’s miraculous escape—a remarkable series of events, both terrifying and liberating, conveyed in cinematically dramatic terms. This book is about love, found in a place where hope seems to cease to exist, and a loss when love seems possible. A captivating and inspiring story!” — Vadim Prokhorov, Author; Artist; Composer.

Christine Hamer-Hodges, born in England, has lived in the United States for forty-five years and is now a proud American. She has also lived in Stuttgart, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium, and speaks both: German and French. She is a cordon bleu cook and enjoys cooking dishes that have originated from other countries.

How High the Larks Fly
Written by: Christine Hamer-Hodges
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