September 30, 2022

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Fisher Island native, Barnes, is offering the most expensive home for sale in Tampa in Bitcoin

4615 Bayshore Blvd Tampa Florida

Interior at 4615 Bayshore Blvd Tampa Florida

Interior at 4615 Bayshore Blvd Tampa Florida

Master Bedroom at 4615 Bayshore Blvd Tampa Florida

Master Bedroom at 4615 Bayshore Blvd Tampa Florida

Amid hot housing market homes are being increased 100% in price with payments accepted in Bitcoin.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2022 / — Matt Barnes comes from the richest zip code in Florida, Fisher Island, which at many times has also held the spot as the most expensive zip code in the United States. Barnes is currently offering the most expensive home for sale in Bitcoin in what Zillow says is the area to have the highest potential for growth in 2022 at 4615 Bayshore Blvd Tampa FL. Amid the record inflation report this week and mortgage interest rates nearly doubling in the last month, Barnes recently increased the price to purchase the home in Tampa at nearly a whopping 100% and is now accepting payment in Bitcoin. The current price to purchase 4615 Bayshore Blvd is offered at 482 Bitcoin, roughly $19,486,537.00 USD as of 6:00AM EST on Easter Sunday.

Mortgage rates have nearly spiked 100% in the last 30 days. The average credit score in the US is 714 and those with that score they now must pay 6.875% on a 30 year fixed as of this morning for a home in Florida. The demand should go down to buy houses if rates rise and therefore the prices should come down, but what happens if the prices just double instead on the top shelf homes?

The home at 4615 Bayshore Blvd is for sale on the MLS for $19,500,000 USD and is currently the most expensive home for sale in Tampa Florida. When you do the conversion, at the 482 Bitcoin asking price it’s actually a bit of discount to the USD asking price of $19,500,000, but the owner said, “A discount could be warranted for someone paying with Bitcoin out of respect for that person and the assurance of scarcity of a payment method such as Bitcoin.”


In the description for the property it calls the home “The Bayshore Gem”. It goes on to say, that this is your rare opportunity to live on prestigious and iconic Bayshore Blvd. Acknowledged to be the best positioned home on Tampa’s toniest thoroughfare…You earned your spot on Bayshore Blvd to live in this stunning home amongst the stars. The Bayshore Gem abuts the collection of properties owned by the Casper’s, including their updated $100M +/- Stovall House. This is your chance for you to own a scarcity of one of only 50 +/- single family homes on Bayshore Blvd, in Tampa, in the area predicted to have the highest growth in the future in the USA. It also goes on to say,”Money flows to the top, here is your chance to take that spot.” You could be called the King of Tampa owning this asset. *Buyer may pay in Bitcoin.”


The homeowner was asked if he was worried to take the payment for the home in Bitcoin. He answered with the question, “Am I worried the government is going to create more money out of thin air in the future? Yes, I sure am and history generally repeats itself so best to own top shelf product in the market.” He went on to say, “It’s like the train has ran off the tracks going 200 MPH at the US Treasury Department under current leadership to wreck most people.”

The Tampa housing market is on fire according to many recent reports and the Bitcoin mania may be adding fuel to the fire. A property in Tampa just sold as an NFT.


The Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, has said that businesses should be able to pay taxes with cryptocurrency. A source, that requested to remain anonymous shared that, “Ron Desantis is moving his family into a home into the collection of properties owned by the Casper’s next door to Barnes current home that is for sale. When the Governor’s Mansion was reached for comment it was confirmed this was true however not yet made public.” We are left scratching our heads and asking ourselves what is really going on in that little pocket of Tampa Florida on Bayshore Blvd and in the top 0.1%?

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