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Memphis White Supremacy, Racism & Black on Black Racism Interspersed with Memphis in May Celebration Honoring Ghana 2022

<img width="768" src="https://img.einpresswire.com/medium/295770/anthony-elmore-ghana-ambassador.jpeg" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="" title="" loading="lazy">Anthony “Amp” Elmore in Washington D.C. at the office of Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen. meeting with the Ghana Ambassador in 2009. Congressman Cohen arranged for Elmore to meet various African Ambassadors to arrange a trade deal with Africa & create jobs & Family Anthony “Amp” Elmore brought a container load of Original designed furnishings created...

Anthony “Amp” Elmore in Washington D.C. at the office of Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen. meeting with the Ghana Ambassador in 2009. Congressman Cohen arranged for Elmore to meet various African Ambassadors to arrange a trade deal with Africa & create jobs & Family

Anthony “Amp” Elmore brought a container load of Original designed furnishings created in Ghana. Elmore’s home in “Orange Mound” in Memphis has the World’s largest display of African furnishings. There is so much African Furnishing in the home that one can feel Africa

In 2009 Elmore had Ghana designers to create an Inaugural African Tux for President Obama. Memphis Congressman Cohen delivered the Tux to the White House. Obama administration informed Congressman Cohen that the Tux would be placed in the Obama Presidential Center

World’s largest display of Ghana furnishings is in “Orange Mound” in Memphis “Memphis in May” is using Black on Black Racism to exclude Elmore’s contribution

There comes a time when Silence is betrayal, in the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Memphis White Supremacy, Racism & Black on Black Racism is Interspersed with the Memphis in May Celebration Honoring Ghana in 2022. On July 11, 2009 President Barack Obama Jr traveled to Ghana. Ghana is the 1st African Country President Obama visited. President Obama traveled to Ghana to highlight Ghana’s record of good governing as a model for other African nations to follow. Memphian Anthony Elmore worked in Ghana over 10 years before President Obama traveled to Ghana.

In concert with President Obama’s visit to Ghana, on July 10, 2009 Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen took to the Floor of Congress Acknowledging the Progress and Importance of Ghana as well as to honor the work of Memphian Anthony “Amp” Elmore’s work in Ghana. In his speech Congressman Cohen highlighted Elmore’s achievement of “Cultural Diplomacy in Africa.” Elmore first traveled to Kenya in 1990 whereas Kenya President Daniel Moi named Elmore an “African Ambassador. Thanks to Elmore’s African efforts, in 2019 African dignitaries traveled to Memphis headed by Kisumu, Kenya Governor Peter Nyong’o. Governor Nyong’o represents “Kisumu Kenya” the 3rd largest city in Kenya. He is also the father of Academy Award winner and star of the Black Panther movie “Lupita Nyong’o. Covid prevented the Kenyans from returning, however discussions are underway to bring the Kenya President to Memphis and to honor the legacies of Dr. King and and one of Kenya’s Founding fathers Tom Mboya.

Elmore first traveled to Ghana in 1998. Elmore created in “Orange Mound” (The First All African Styled Furnished Home in America.} Elmore’s creation is the economic and cultural model that is designed to build trade and family relationships between Africa and America. (Click Here to see and Hear Congressman Cohen’s Speech.)

Elmore explains how the 2022 “Memphis in May” celebration Honoring Ghana is interspersed with White Supremacy, Racism and Black on Black Racism. Elmore partnered with Ghanaians to create a 21st century paradigm of cultural, economic and educational relationships between Ghana and Memphis. What is unknown and untold and being out right “racially discriminated” by the “Memphis in May” cultural festival in Memphis is the “Black trade, culture and economic relationships that Elmore has developed between Memphis ,Ghana and African nations.

In 2008 when President Obama was elected President Elmore instructed his Ghana designers to make an African styled Tuxedo for President Obama. Elmore had the tuxedo made and he asked Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen to take the Tuxedo to the White House. The White House accepted the Tuxedo and the Obama administration informed Congressman Cohen that President Obama would place the Tuxedo in the Barack Obama Presidential Center.

On July 14, 2009 Elmore received a thank you letter from President Obama. Elmore notes that the very fact that our “historic and significant” Memphis/Ghana relationship that is a part of the upcoming Barack Obama Presidential Center that goes untold by “Memphis in May Honoring Ghana is outright racist.”

In 2002 when Mike Tyson fought World Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis in Memphis, Lennox Lewis manager purchased Elmore’s Ghana Mudcloth designed sport coat off of Elmore’s back. Elmore a Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion arranged for World Champion Lennox Lewis to take a suit from Elmore’s personal collection. After the World Championship bout in Memphis Elmore met Actor Wesley Snipes star of “Blade.” Wesley Snipes was so impressed with Elmore’s Ghana creations that Elmore made a collection of Ghana items for Wesley Snipes. Click Here to see Ghana Items Elmore made for Wesley Snipes.

The most fascinating story of Anthony Elmore Memphis/ Ghana designs was Elmore’s presentation to “Saks Fifth Avenue.” Elmore asked then CEO Chairman of Saks Robert Brad Martin to consider his Ghana made African designs for Saks. CEO Chairman Brad Martin arranged for Elmore to present a presentation to Saks. Chairman Martin offered Elmore a chance to enter other stores and he offered to arrange a “Trunk Show” for Elmore. Elmore admits “I had no idea what a trunk show was and declined the wonderful opportunity Mr. Brad Martin granted to me.

Unknown and Untold is that Elmore brought 21st Century African fashions to Memphis making outfits in Ghana for best in Memphis. Some of Elmore’s list include Mayor W.W. Herenton, Rev. Kenneth Whalum, Businessman Cliff Dates, Frank Banks, Mabre Holifield the late Rev. James Netters, attorney Leslie Ballin, attorney Charles Carpenter, News Caster Jack Eaton, WDIA Radio Personality Bobby Ojay and many others. Elmore made a Judge Robe in Ghana for Memphis Judge Ernestine Hunt Dorse.

Elmore did not only bring African clothes to the 21st Century Elmore brought African furnishing to the 21st Century. In 2006 via way of Ghana Elmore created “The First All African Home in America.” Elmore notes that we have styles like “Early American,” French Provincial,” Italian, Greek, Oriental and other styles. Unknown and undeveloped is African Styled Furniture. Elmore and his Ethiopian Wife Bogalech Spent 3 months developing original home furnishings in Ghana. Elmore had over 50 hand carved African artistic doors created for his Memphis home.

Elmore converted his “Orange Mound Memphis home into “The Safari House Museum and Culture and Educational Center.” Elmore notes that it was “White Supremacy, Racism and Black on Black Racism why he no longer opens his home as a museum. Elmore notes that White Supremacy in the 21st century is not some redneck carrying a confederate flag but Elmore explains that White Supremacy and Racism is what is happen in regarding “Memphis in May” honoring Ghana.

Memphis in May named Memphis City Council Chairwoman Jamita Swearengen to their Board of Directors as the Board Liaison to the city. While Jamita Swearengen represents “Orange Mound” one can find in the “Largest Orange Home in Memphis” the World’s largest display, museum, Cultural Center of Ghana home furnishing of any home in the world. One has to ask the question; why is not “Orange Mound” and the historic Ghana work of Elmore not recognized by Jamita Swearengen via “Memphis in May Honoring Ghana?” Elmore; “Black on Black Racism.” Click Here learn more “Orange Mound to Africa Initiative.”

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