November 29, 2022

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DEASE LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 31, 2022 / — In recent months, the Shareholders of the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (“TNDC”), the Tahltan Central Government (“TCG”), Iskut Band Council and Tahltan Band Council, signed the TNDC Protocol Agreement and rejoined the TNDC Board of Directors to occupy three of the nine seats on the TNDC Board of Directors. TNDC exists as the economic development arm of the Tahltan Nation, designed to capitalize on economic opportunities within Tahltan Territory. It is the largest Indigenous corporation by number of employees in the Province of British Columbia.

These were large steps which quickly led to several positive changes, both internally and externally, for the relationships between TNDC and its Shareholders, industry partners and its workers who built and continue to carry the corporation. Following this change to the governance function of TNDC, the TNDC Board of Directors recruited a new Chief Executive Officer, increased wages for all TNDC workers, improved communication efforts, created additional partnerships, and are thoroughly reviewing the company to create further improvements for TNDC and the Tahltan Nation. As a result of these changes, and TNDC’s continued success, growth, and increased dividend payments to its Shareholders, the TCG recently decided to begin distributing 10% of their annual TNDC dividend funds to the Tahltan Elder Distribution Fund which was established by the TCG in 2015.

Since 2015, the TCG has distributed a total of $2,693,000 to Tahltan Elders through the Tahltan Elder Distribution Fund with quarterly payments increasing each year as a result of the Tahltan Nation’s continued success with economic development. There are currently over 370 Tahltan Elders registered with the TCG. The Elder fund contributions come from the B.C. Tax Revenue Sharing Agreements on the Northwest Hydroelectric Projects, Red Chris Mine and Brucejack Mine. The TCG continues to strengthen the support afforded to its Elders by ensuring they directly benefit from the ongoing economic prosperity within the Tahltan Territory. All the active major industrial projects and future projects in Tahltan Territory will contribute to this fund for Tahltan Elders, as well as provide additional capacity building funds for all Tahltan governments, communities and other Tahltan Nation initiatives and priorities.

“Our Elders have provided so much to the Tahltan Nation despite the hardships they have endured throughout their lifetimes. We appreciate and love our Elders, both past and present, for all they have contributed to us and the future generations of Tahltan people. The TCG is honored and proud to not only share B.C. Tax Revenue Sharing contributions with our Elders through the Tahltan Elder Distribution Fund, but to now add additional revenues through the ongoing success and growth of the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation. We owe deep thanks and gratitude to all those who have come before us, that have taught us and helped maintain and revitalize our culture, and raised us into the resilient, hardworking, and proud Tahltan Nation that we are today. Our people continue to thrive, our internal capacity is growing faster than ever, and we are strengthening our independence thanks to the sacrifices of our Elders. We are taking this opportunity to provide additional support to them through the ongoing success of TNDC and all those who contributed to our Nation’s company over the years.” said Chad Norman Day, President of the Tahltan Central Government.


The Tahltan Central Government (TCG) is the administrative governing body of the Tahltan Nation. The Iskut Band and the Tahltan Band continue to govern Tahltan interests with respect to the Indian Act in the communities of Iskut, Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek. The TCG is the representative government of the Tahltan Nation with respect to the inherent and collective Aboriginal title and rights shared by all Tahltan people.

The Tahltan Nation’s Territory spans 95,933 square km of Northwest British Columbia or the equivalent of 11 per cent of the province. Tahltan Territory includes 70 per cent of BC’s Golden Triangle – a world-class mining jurisdiction with a thriving mineral exploration sector. For more information, visit:

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