October 7, 2022

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US Senate Candidate Ricardo De La Fuente Declares “Education Needs to Drive the Strong Vibrant American Economy”

Ricardo De La Fuente for Senate

Ricardo De La Fuente

U.S Senate Candidate Strongly Supports Teachers and Students for the Jobs of the Future and Needs of an Evolving American Workforce

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Harvard-educated, son of immigrants, Ricardo De La Fuente proposes to focus attention on the role of education in the nation’s economic development as Florida’s US Senator: “Education is a site pathway to prosperity. We should prepare America for the jobs of the future and teach the use of modern technology to solve society’s greatest problems.”

With extensive experience as a team-building entrepreneur and passionate lifelong learner, De La Fuente seeks to reaffirm and extend Obama-era educational innovations such as the Common Core in recognition that the strength of America is inextricably linked to America’s educational system. For both the nation’s competitive edge in the geopolitical economy and the individual’s edge in the domestic economy, De La Fuente believes that the need to ensure high-quality education is something that binds all Americans.

Our education system should prepare the educators, health care workers, and technological innovators of tomorrow with broad humanist inquiry and a strong STEM skill set. In his support for De La Fuente’s bid for Senator of Florida, educational entrepreneur Shailu Tipparaju recently said that “education directly enhances the human awareness of value and responsibility. As a world market leader, our nation needs to zone-in to the key value drivers, our citizens, and create opportunities to improve and maintain their prosperity to compete in a globalized economy.”

As Senator of Florida, De La Fuente is prepared to bolster the role of higher education as an instrument for social progress and uplift across all demographics.

Shailu Tipparaju, a social leader and an educator with a depth of several years spent in public service and education delivery, recently hailed De La Fuente “He has tirelessly worked to ensure the connection between education and social progress delivers to the social upliftment across economic, civic, humanistic, and equity promotion.”

De La Fuente is prepared to pursue legislation that provides educators with the support and respect they deserve by increasing wages, staff, and resources. Recognizing that many schools remain underfunded and understaffed, he understands that increasing support for education pays for itself by cultivating the skills of a knowledge base of a well-informed citizenry. In support of De La Fuente’s proposals for education, Tipparaju says that “educational infrastructure is the best avenue to develop the skills, talents, and interests to enable the individuals to meaningfully participate in the civil society and political life.”

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