January 29, 2023

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Dreams of a new lifestyle drive sales

<img width="1024" height="1024" src="https://img.einpresswire.com/medium/290200/hideaway.jpeg" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="" title="" loading="lazy"><p>Hideaway Morningside Safari Soaring Sales in Paradise CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, March 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ —</p> <p>The post <a href="https://rsvtv.com/travel/dreams-of-a-new-lifestyle-drive-sales/">Dreams of a new lifestyle drive sales</a> first appeared on <a href="https://rsvtv.com/">Reality Syndicate Viewers</a>.</p>


4 Bed - 4 Bath | Citizenship by Investment | Nevis


4 Bed - 4 Bath | Citizenship by Investment | Nevis


Soaring Sales in Paradise

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, March 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — During global lockdowns and restrictions, real estate sales on Nevis boomed in 2021 and it was the most successful year ever with a record number of properties and land parcels sold. It turns out that people wanted to be able to escape to a small corner of the world that focuses on peace, a solid work/life balance, and maintains determined ties to an easier, bygone era.

And these desires don’t appear to have changed, with sales figures for 2022 already suggesting this will be a year that draws even more newcomers to the island. At present, there are 12 sales transactions underway at NSR: the vast majority of these, 8 out of the 12, are for individual homes. It is perhaps unsurprising that these are proving so popular since the Citizenship By Investment scheme was extended to include all properties over US$400,000. In fact, more than a third of our buyers have stressed that CBI is a requirement of their purchase, while a further 20% had already gained citizenship via previous CBI purchases. Sugar Mill Real Estate reported that it had six properties under contract. Thus, confirming our sentiments above.

But other purchasers are seeking alternatives, with deals being closed on land parcels, condos and shared ownership properties. The breadth of appeal is perhaps unsurprising when you consider that almost half of these buyers have chosen this location for lifestyle purposes: laidback living with an emphasis on the classic Caribbean trilogy of sea, sun and sand is always going to draw people in. With the continued waiving of Alien Landholder’s License, many are looking to take advantage and purchase now.

The US is a land of increasing political divisiveness and government enforcement of a strict vaccination program in Canada are causing more people to look overseas to the alternatives. St Kitts and Nevis has one of the finest offers on the table with its CBI scheme providing a valuable passport to go along with the endearing charm of the islands.

We anticipate a continuing upward trend in the market and, with that in mind, are delighted to have new properties to share with you. From the aptly named Hideaway for US$475,000, to the classic Caribbean stylings of Morningside at US$795,000 and Safari, nestled in the popular enclave of Fern Hill, at US$845,000, we have three homes that all qualify for CBI and all exemplify what island life is about.

In the remaining months of both the ALHL waiver and the inclusion of any properties over US$400,000 in the CBI scheme, now really is the time to look towards Nevis as an escape, a new beginning, and to redefine your way of life. We look forward to helping you find the perfect place to satisfy your needs and reach far beyond your expectations.

A charming, cozy villa that looks through palm fronds and bougainvillea towards Redonda and Montserrat across the wild Atlantic Ocean. Tucked into the hillside is a beautifully conceived one-bedroom home that has a separate structure offering a garage and two spacious guest bedrooms

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The post Dreams of a new lifestyle drive sales first appeared on Reality Syndicate Viewers.