March 21, 2023

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Luggage To Ship Offers Solutions for College move-in

<img width="1920" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="Luggage To Ship Offers Solutions for College move-in" loading="lazy">Travel 5 – 5% Discount Luggage to Ship is proud to be an honoree among the 5000

Travel 5 – 5% Discount

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Luggage to Ship is proud to be an honoree among the 5000 Inc and a leading technology service platform for travelling, shipping, and storage.

Luggage To Ship, an honoree of Inc 5000, its leading and tech-enabled online platform provides shipping and storage of luggage, boxes, golf clubs, and skis, to domestic and international.”

— Luggage To Ship Inc.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 / — Luggage to Ship Inc., an honoree of Inc 5000, is a top student traveling and college moving tech-enabled leading online service platform. We have a discount program for young travelers. No matter what new journey; moving to a new college, exploring a new city, or to study abroad. Promotion code “Travel5”.

Going to college is one of the most memorable experiences for many students and families, yet college moving can be complicated. The luggage carrying, checking in and claiming baggage at airport, hauling suitcases and boxes down to the campus, could make college moving not an easy journey.

Luggage to Ship is proud to be among the 5000 Inc honorees and be the top service provider for student travelling and college moving, helping thousands of students transport their luggage to and from college between every single semester. Luggage to Ship understands your needs, makes your big move to college easier. Simply book and pay online – it only takes a few short moments to place your order. You can arrange the shipment to be picked up on a day that suits you, and we will collect your items and deliver them directly to your college. You can bypass bag check, luggage claim, and travel hassle free by knowing your luggage and boxes will be already waiting for you at your destination. Luggage to Ship also offers convenient storage between college terms. You can have the boxes picked up from the campus, and have the boxes delivered to you when you are back to the campus.

There is a lot of information for college moving and here are some tips: Plan the college move in day and prepare for the college moving checklist.
– Familiar with your college moving day guidelines.
– Get to know how your college is handling the coronavirus
– Remember to pack the college dorm essentials
– Coordinate with your roommate
– Ship your luggage or boxes ahead of your travel

Reasons to use today:
– Travel hassle free
– Low-cost shipping for students
– Quick and easy to book tech-based system
– Door to door service
– Online tracking
– 24 / 7 unparalleled customer service
– Online chat or call free of charge
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