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THE ALASKAN ADVENTURES OF PERCY HOPEDenali – The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope – Book 3 Ice caves Neil Perry Gordon – Novelist

Denali – The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope – Book 3

Ice caves

Ice caves

Neil Perry Gordon  - Novelist

Neil Perry Gordon – Novelist


I loved the vivid imagery and engaging characters. I cannot recommend this book enough. Well written, visually engaging and just simply awesome!”

— Reader review

PARK RIDGE , NEW JERSEY, USA , June 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Denali is the eagerly, anticipated conclusion to Neil Perry Gordon’s Goldfield Trilogy. This latest adventure begins in the autumn of 1901, when our protagonist—Percy Hope, ventures off to New York City’s Lower East Side in search for his six-month old son Walter, and his mother, the fugitive Peggy Greenburg, Percy’s love interest and antagonist from book two—Cape Nome.

Along the way, Percy stumbles upon an intriguing journal left behind by the late Magnus Vega, who had tragically drowned a year earlier in the Bering Sea. This detailed account chronicles Magnus’s adventure into Alaska’s unforgiving wilderness, along with a cryptic map, that sends Percy and his best friend Liam upon a whirlwind quest, where they must track down a lost fortune of gold, out maneuver notorious gangsters, and decipher metaphysical mysteries of what happened to Magnus within the glorious ice caverns dwelling under North America’s tallest peak—Denali mountain.

Denali is the solid conclusion to the Alaskan adventures of Percy Hope who meets an exciting cast of characters throughout the three novels, including the infamous lawman Wyatt Earp, and abides by the timeless advice of his mentor Jack London, who had proclaimed—You can’t wait for inspiration. You must go after it with a club.

“…But I’m not sure what drew me to pick up this book. And after finishing it, I realized that I would have missed out on a wonderful book if I hadn’t chosen it. It was a wonderful adventure novel written by a brilliant author. The plot was well-developed, and the characters were fantastic. I found all of the characters to be really relatable and enjoyable. In this work, the turns and twists, the pacing, the grammar, and the fluency were all excellent. I have to say that I thoroughly liked every minute of reading this…” Amazon reader review


“This is the final book of the Goldfield series. I love old stories, especially ones from back in more “physical” times. The novel has a fascinating story that a newly discovered goldfield can provide. It shows the conclusion of the claims, greed, fights, poker games, and all the traits of gold diggers out to make a fast buck. Further, the action scenes and the intrigue make the book a page-turner. The way the author blends historical facts and fictional escapades is brilliant along with such colorful characters. He shows a deft hand weaving a yarn that keeps the reader hooked until the last page…” Amazon reader review


“This is book 3 of the Goldfield trilogy, but a new reader can pick it up and still follow the story without reading the previous two novels. It includes many interesting, engaging, well-developed characters and historical references that add great depth to the story. It offers a sweeping view from New York City’s Lower East Side in 1901 to the ice caves under Denali Mountain in Alaska. Fans of Cape Nome and Hope City will find this book particularly interesting…” Amazon reader review

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