May 25, 2022

267 million Facebook accounts sold on Dark Web for just Rs.41,800

267 million Facebook accounts sold on Dark Web for just Rs.41,800

Just a few days after the sale of 500,000 Zoom accounts’ login credentials on the dark web, now  Facebook accounts of over 267 million users were sold on the dark web and hacker forums for EUR 500. (Rs. 41,800). The data which was sold on the dark web contains email addresses, names, Facebook IDs, date of birth and mobile numbers. Luckily the data didn’t contain passwords. But still it’s a perfect set of information for hackers that they can use this data for text or email phishing and spamming.

Again the same Cyble research team is back with another story about users’ data being on sale on the dark web.  Cyble researchers discovered the leaked data on the dark web.

Actually researchers of Cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble bought the data for verification and found that cache did contain sensitive user information.  While the Cybersecurity firm has not been able to indentify the source of this database yet.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

This is not the first time that Facebook user data has been sold on hacker forums. Earlier the same number of Facebook account details, mostly from the United States,  were sold on the dark web. That time Facebook said, “We are looking into this.” But again the same thing happened.

According to cyber security experts, to protect your data on Facebook, users must check  the privacy and security settings very often. Users should not interact with any unknown text message or email related to social media accounts. Users are also advised to enable 2-step verification. This will increase the protection of your data from attackers. Users can find this option under Settings—Security and Login.

Meanwhile you can check whether your data has been sold on dark web on Cyble repository.