December 3, 2021

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Chinese testing kits failed – India cancels orders, says won't lose a single rupee

The Health Ministry of India cancels the order of rapid antibody test kits from China due to wide variations found in results. Cancelling the order ministry said that India does not stand to lose a single rupee since due process was following during procurement.

The Health Ministry came into action after the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) asked states on Monday to stop using the coronavirus rapid test kits made by two Chinese companies and return them.

ICMR has found Chinese rapid testing kits “under performing” ; India cancels order

ICMR additional director general GS Toteja said in the letter to chief secretaries, ICMR has evaluated performance of the rapid test kits from the two Chinese companies – Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech and Zhuhai Livzon Diagnostics, and found wide variation in results.

The Government has asked states to stop using the coronavirus testing kits made by the two companies and since due process followed, India doesn’t want to lose a single rupee.

The Indian Council of Medical Research received 550,000 testing kits from two Chinese companies on April 16, and on April 21, due to complaints regarding the performance of these testing kits, ICMR put on hold the use of it.

Now, The Health Ministry has decided to return testing kits to China and to the suppliers.

The first complaint came from West Bengal and returned kits saying that ‘inconclusive results’.
Soon, Rajasthan also got some cases which were tested negative for COVID-19 by rapid test kits but later found positive.

Opposition parties also raised questions against the government for the purchase of the rapid test kits.