May 26, 2022

Shamagic LLC Brings Well-Being through Magical Experiences in the NFT Space

The company’s exciting collecting brings beautifully designed Spirit Animals to an exclusive Metaverse and physical resort in the Amazon Rainforest.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / — Shamagic LLC is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its Spirit Animal NFT project that promotes well-being through both a magical Metaverse resort and a brick-and-mortar resort in the Amazon Rainforest.

Founded by two brothers, Roberto (Ricky) and Eduardo (Edu) Paez, Shamagic LLC is a company that started developing well-being products to improve the lives of its customers. The first products the company developed were Exotic Infusions, Spell Intention Candles, and smudges – all to rave reviews from consumers around the world.

Recently, however, Shamagic is aiming to expand its goal to provide clients with new magical experiences, adventures, and opportunities of a lifetime by building the first NFT collection that gives users a membership to a physical, exclusive adventure resort in the Amazon Rainforest, and a virtual resort in the Metaverse. This unprecedented goal is delivered through the company’s first 6,666 NFT collection, called The Spirit Animals, which gives holders a membership to both of the company’s exclusive resorts’ products and services.

“Just by owning one NFT of our collection and staking it, you will be able to earn Shamagic Tokens and use them, for example, to pay for accommodation in the Amazon rainforest Resort, purchase a Reiki massage, order magical merch products, or book a Tarot reading directly in the Metaverse Resort,” says Edu. “We really wanted to make this one of the most talked-about and trending NFT products in the world, and we believe we are on track to do just that.”

“In terms of The Spirit Animals themselves, they are meticulously designed by the renowned artist, David Cantuña,” says Ricky. “Each one will boast different characteristics and unique traits that will let you experiment with the power of magic in the Metaverse – and in real life, too.”

As the first NFT collection that gives holders a membership to an exclusive resort in the Amazon Rainforest and in the Metaverse, there will be a number of products and services to access with Shamagic tokens, including:

Physical Resort

• Luxury Jungle Lodging

• Sacred Rituals (Ayahuasca)

• Wellbeing Spa

• Unique Adventures (Sacred Temples, Nature Trekking, Immerse in sacred cultures)

• Magic Store (Spell Candles, Smudges, Potions)

• Magical Services (Tarot Reading, Pendulum, Cleansings)

• Magical Wellbeing Training Courses (Affirmations, Intentions, Coaching)

Metaverse Resort

• Metaverse Character (A 3D drop of a playable Character for the Metaverse)

• Magic Store (Spell Candles, Smudges, Potions)

• Magical Services (Tarot reading, Love spells)

• Metaverse Game Adventures to earn tokens.

The Spirit Animals will be minted by the end of April 2022.

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About Shamagic LLC

Shamagic LLC was founded by Roberto and Eduardo Paez, two brothers born in Ecuador with more than 20+ years of experience in various businesses. The dynamic duo began their work together by starting a small business from scratch, to ultimately building an empire with more than 60 employees, accumulating a sales revenue of over $1.5m per year, and ten points of sales in six different locations around the country.

Eventually, Roberto and Eduardo sold everything they had, left it all behind, and followed their dream to bring well-being and consciousness to their customers through a stunning resort in the Amazon Rainforest under the Shamagic LLC brand. Initially, Shamagic developed well-being products, including exotic infusions, spell intention candles, and smudges, but have gone above and beyond to create five different branches: Shamagic Well-being, Shamagic Adventures, Shamagic Merchandise, and now Shamagic Metaverse.

Roberto Paez
Shamagic LLC

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