September 25, 2022

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Day: June 8, 2022

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For not the first time, the Boeing 777X has been reportedly delayed once again with an entry into service with customers now … Originally published at
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05 June 2022 || 4 min read Skyports, an urban eVTOL vertiport developer that has made progress in Paris and in drone delivery operations in several countries, has now announced a partnership with Park25, a major parking structure network in Japan. Meanwhile, Jetex, a company providing a major network of private aviation FBOs throughout the...
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June-is-Mens-Health-Month International Men’s Health Week Wear Blue for Men Puppy June 17 Wear Blue for Men’s Health Puppy June 17 Spanish Your Head, an Owner’s Manual Men’s Health Month focuses on health disparities affecting men and boys year-round. Men don’t always take their health too seriously because they feel good and they are fine. This...