September 29, 2022

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Month: June 2022

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2021 was a big year for Air Canada. It’s time to take a look at their financial results and, in addition, take a look at updates … Originally published at post Big Air Canada News first appear...
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TeamBest Global Companies logo — Best Cure Foundation — 3E Organization — Promoting Education, Empowerment & Equality (logo) Krishnan Suthanthiran–President & Founder Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of the Best Cure Foundation and TeamBest Global Companies, Launches Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery The health of every individual, family, community, village, town, city, state,...

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Navigating a way through the ethical maze of new technologies – Drone Wars UK

Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide To Technology Ethics, Stephanie Hare, London Publishing Partnership, Feb 2022 The Political Philosophy of AI: Mark Coeckelbergh, Polity Press, Feb 2022 New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) raise formidable political and ethical challenges, and these two books each provide a different kind of practical toolkit for examining and...

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Community Oncology Alliance Logo Statement on the new Enhanced Oncology Model (EOM) from Ted Okon, Executive Director, COA Community oncology practices are fully committed to positive, patient-centered improvement of cancer care and look forward to supporting CMMI and practices to make the EOM a success. ” — Ted Okon, COA WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, June...

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Role-Players Travis Bishop and Rita Muniz Figure 1 Employment rates for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Law (IDEAL) Figure 2 Employment improvement with practice SIMmersion developed a job interview training system to support the transition of youth with autism (ASD) or other disabilities to competitive employment. The research shows that the comprehensive training with virtual...

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