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Day: September 7, 2022

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There are so many things to do in Lake City, Co. See fall colors, explore the Alpine Loop, hike, fish, camp, relax and enjoy Lake City, Co.'s annual Uncorked Wine and Music Festival.

LAKE CITY, Colo. - September 7, 2022 - (

With so many things to do in Lake City, Co. and so many ways to create lasting memories, no wonder Lake City, Co. is a popular repeat vacation destination. Lake City is a hub for enthusiasts of all kinds because one can hike, bike, fish, camp, RV, kayak, SUP and ATV from one central location. Lake City Loopers ATV Rentals supports the Lake City community including the Uncorked Wine and Music Festival.

On September 17, Lake City, Co. hosts the Uncorked Wine and Music Festival. The lineup includes seven musical acts, artisan food vendors, and various wines, it's a great way to meet people and relax in style. All proceeds from the festival support local community projects.

To enjoy the outdoors and experience the changing colors of fall, explore the Alpine Loop on an all-terrain vehicle from Lake City Loopers ATV Rentals. The Alpine Loop is a 75-mile+ trail system that traverses 13,000' passes and offers sights of waterfalls and well-preserved old-west mining towns, mills, and mines.

Lake City offers several restaurants, lodging, camping and entertainment options including the following:

  • In the morning, fuel up with breakfast at Chillin', a local favorite for their tasty breakfast burritos.
  • Spend a day on the loop with an ATV Rental from popular Lake City Loopers ATV Rentals, which offers reliable 5-seat Honda 1000s. 
  • In the evening, Lake City Brewing Company offers locally brewed beverages. Relax outside or belly up to the bar and enjoy a gourmet brat.
  • Check out Packer Saloon & Cannibal Grill. With their large patio and campfire-style outdoor fire-pit, this is a great place to relax.
  • And don't forget ice cream for dessert. The San Juan Soda, Co. is centrally located right across the city park on Silver Street.

Looking for a campsite, RV site or motel? Lake City, Co. has you covered.

Lake City, Co. is a fall travel destination because of its many activities and access to the Alpine Loop. For more information contact Steve Twyman of Lake City Loopers at 970-944-0553 or [email protected]

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Original Source: Lake City, Co. Hosts the Uncorked Wine and Music Festival Sept. 17, 2022
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HOUSTON - September 7, 2022 - (

Hot heads, rejoice. Willie's Grill & Icehouse has officially released nine new wing flavors and sauces at all of their 19 locations across Texas. Also added to the menu is the limited-time classic with a twist, the Frozen Long Island Iced Tea, which is limited to two per customer due to its boozy punch.

This long awaited menu rollout was postponed after its initial creation in 2021 due to supply chain issues, and quietly launched on August 31, 2022 following the launch of their new virtual brand, Rooster's Run.

Willie's traditional, medium-sized wings span the Scoville Scale spectrum, bringing customers the ability to enjoy a hot, or mild wing experience without compromising mouthwatering, Texas-born flavors. Each sauce and dry rub is placed in one of four categories, including Mild, Less Mild, Medium, and Hot. Mild wings are offered in a Buttery Garlic Parm sauce, promising maximized flavor sans the heat. Less Mild wings can be ordered in a Lemon Pepper Dry Rub, Backyard BBQ, and Rajun Cajun. Medium wings are available in Smoky Chili Dry Rub and Tangy Honey Garlic. Hot wings are available in Texas Fire, Spicy BBQ Bock, and Bayou Buffalo. Wing prices are $13.99 (10), $19.99 (15), or $25.99 (20), each served with carrots and celery.

The quintessential Texas icehouse is also adding an icy spin on a fan-favorite, the Frozen Long Island Iced Tea, limit two per customer. This classic bar cocktail is now being served with a Willie's twist - frozen. Willie's is no stranger to frozen classics, as their Frozen Jack and Coke has long delighted customers across the lone star state. The Frozen Long Island Iced Tea contains vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour, and is topped with a Coca-Cola floater. 

"We're beyond excited to roll out our new wing sauces and dry rubs just in time for football season," says Greg Lippert, CEO of Willie's Restaurants. "Willie's fans are in for a real treat with these wing flavors and sauces, and the Long Island Iced Tea has already become a fan favorite since its debut. Customers are definitely making it clear that they would get more than two if they could!" 

At Willie's Grill & Icehouse, everyone belongs. Started in 1993 as a humble burger joint in Houston, Texas, Willie's has grown into a Texas institution with 19 locations statewide, beloved by millions as the family's favorite place to unwind. At Willie's, arcade games await the kids and young at heart, while wide-open giant garage doors reveal ample patio spaces with sandboxes and plenty of room to play and relax. Juicy burgers piled high with fixings anchor the gargantuan menu of delicious Texas comfort food, promising something for everybody. Locations, hours, menus, visit 

Media Contact: Rachel Austin, [email protected]

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Bellamy's Organic infant formula step 1 (0-6months)

image of Bellamy's Organic formula tin

DALLAS - September 7, 2022 - (

Bellamy's Organic has been permitted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell its infant milk formula in the US to help address the country's ongoing, market-wide formula shortage.

166,000 32oz (900g) tins of Bellamy's Organic baby formula (about 332 thousand pounds or 4.77 million full-sized, 8-ounce bottles) are loaded to take off from Melbourne, Australia on 7th September and arrive in Dallas, Texas soon after. 

Once the formula is cleared by US Customs, Bellamy's Organic will work with retailers to ensure products are available for American parents and carers to purchase as quickly as possible, initially via Amazon, with an extended list of retailers to follow in the coming months.  

Bellamy's Organic has been working closely with the FDA, USDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to deliver our premium formula to the USA, assisting American Moms, Dads and carers during this shortage.

Bellamy's Organic was one of less than 20 companies globally with products successfully assessed by the FDA as safe and nutritious for US infants, following applications by hundreds of suppliers to help. 

The first products available to American families are:

  • Bellamy's Organic Infant Formula Step 1 (0-6 months,) and 
  • Bellamy's Organic Follow-On Formula Step 2 (6-12 months)

Bellamy's Organic was founded in 2004 by an Aussie mother based in clean, green Tasmania, Australia. The founding mission was to make simple, tasty, nutritious infant baby formula and baby food, free from pesticides, artificial fertilisers, growth hormones, antibiotics and GMO ingredients.

Bellamy's Organic today continues to prioritise nutrition and science, with premium ingredients to deliver products formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children globally. 

Shae Rickards, Global Nutrition Manager and Paediatric Dietitian of Bellamy's Organic said, "Millions of American parents are still struggling to get their hands on safe, premium and nutritious infant formula. Bellamy's Organic is committed to assisting the US with supply at this critical time.

"Our products available in the US are made in Australia from premium ingredients," she said.

"We adhere to strict Australian food safety standards, and look forward to providing families with peace-of-mind that they are accessing a safe product," she said.

The Bellamy's Organic brand has never experienced a major recall or product safety issue.

Bellamy's Organic awaits the FDA's further guidance about how it may facilitate potential distribution and long-term supply of Bellamy's Organic Infant Formula products in the US beyond November.

For all media enquiries please contact: 

Chloe Jeffers | [email protected] | +61 401 914 522

Alexandra Brudenell | [email protected] | +61 402 442 721 

About Bellamy's Organic

At Bellamy's Organic, we pride ourselves on producing safe, wholesome and nutritious foods for babies, toddlers and children,  so that from the outset they develop mindful and healthy eating habits. Take a closer look at our credentials, story, stockists and our product range at

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