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Day: December 5, 2022

Northrop Grumman and the US Air Force Introduce the B-21 Raider
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Northrop Grumman and the US Air Force Introduce the B-21 RaiderNorthrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) and the U.S. Air Force unveiled the B-21 Raider to the world today. The B-21 joins the nuclear triad as a visible and flexible deterrent designed for the U.S. Air Force to meet its most complex missions. “The Northrop Grumman team develops and delivers technology that advances science, looks into...
UFODRIVE, the Disruptive All Digital, All-Electric Car Rental Pioneer is Now Available in Seven Major U.S. Cities Nationwide
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UFODRIVE, the Disruptive All Digital, All-Electric Car Rental Pioneer is Now Available in Seven Major U.S. Cities NationwideFollowing sold-old launches in San Francisco and Austin, UFODRIVE brings the world's highest-rated car rental experience to Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami

LEWES, Del. - December 5, 2022 - (

UFODRIVE, the world's first all-digital, all-electric car rental service controlled from an app, continues to disrupt the car rental industry since launching its first U.S. operation in San Francisco this August. Customers in seven major U.S. cities can now rent Teslas and other premium electric vehicles (EVs) in two minutes, with no lines, no paperwork, upselling, or keys. UFODRIVE is consistently the highest rated car rental experience in the world.

"After three months of immense effort, electric, hassle-free rental is now available from West Coast to East Coast in the US," said Edmund Read, UFODRIVE's Chief Commercial Officer. "There is nothing like our combination of proprietary EV management tech and 24/7 in-rental service. Discover why we have the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. Book-register-drive in two minutes. Never lose a key again. Let us worry about your charge-level, we'll help book you into the right charger and pay for it. Forgot where you parked? We'll honk the horn and flash the lights for you. We can even switch the AC on for you or pop the trunk if needed. Nobody else in the industry can do what we do for our customers every day."

UFODRIVE now operates its unique rental hubs (UFOBAYs) in 29 cities and ten countries worldwide. With a mix of airport and prime downtown locations, on-demand EV rental is more accessible than ever. Working with some of the most innovative EV charging, financing and parking partners, UFODRIVE is part of the massive shift towards electric vehicle use across two continents.

"Europe has traditionally been ahead with EV infrastructure, but it's clear that the United States will take the lead in 2023," said Aidan McClean, CEO and co-founder of UFODRIVE. "The U.S. will easily become our largest market in the new year. We're hoping our success will encourage the major rental players to go digital and go green faster than they are today. With over 20 million electric miles driven in ten countries to date, we've proven that it's the way forward, both environmentally and financially. Our unique technology enables us to have the highest operating margins and makes us the most efficient rental operation in the industry." 

UFODRIVE's platform is the first EV-native rental system. It has been built from the ground up to eliminate the traditional rental experience pain points and bring to life the advanced features of today's EVs that Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) platforms will never match. 

"This year has been so exciting in the States," said Renaud Marquet, CTO and co-founder of UFODRIVE. "We've added our first U.S. specific features, including streamlined ID verification and market leading charger aggregation. Following successful rollouts in Europe, our new subscription and delivery services will go live in the U.S. in January. Behind the scenes, our white label EV fleet management SaaS product has been chosen as the pilot platform for the largest electric fleet transition programs in the U.S."

 UFODRIVE's expertise has been validated by thousands of customers, multiple awards and, in February 2022, a Series A investment round led by Hertz and Certares, two of the biggest names in rental and travel. Both recognize the importance of shifting the industry to electric and the unique position of UFODRIVE as the pioneering platform. 

To learn more and try it for yourself, visit


UFODRIVE is pioneering the electric revolution with its own all-electric car rental service powered by its unique end-to-end eMobility platform. It offers a 100% electric, 100% digital experience in ten countries and 29 locations globally - delivering a radically better experience which combines state-of-the-art technology with superior electric cars. With zero local emissions, every journey with UFODRIVE helps avoid further pollution on roads and in the atmosphere. Customers can access and drive their car on their schedule, open 24/7, 365, and with optimised charging and routing using the advanced AI eMobility platform, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

UFODRIVE's contactless electric fleet platform has also been developed to manage third party rental, shared, commercial, and private fleets - maximising cost efficiency and minimising downtime. For more information about UFODRIVE, visit

UFODRIVE was co-founded by COO Renaud Marquet and CEO Aidan McClean who has gone on to become the best-selling author of "ELECTRIC REVOLUTION" and writes a regular green tech blog at

Contact Information:
Adam Hartley
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Original Source: UFODRIVE, the Disruptive All Digital, All-Electric Car Rental Pioneer is Now Available in Seven Major U.S. Cities Nationwide
Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Computers to Address Rural America’s Digital Divide
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Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Computers to Address Rural America’s Digital DivideA new report examines the technology gap in rural areas and identifies ways communities can spur computer donations.

NORTH CONWAY, N.H. - December 5, 2022 - (

Rural areas in the U.S. struggle to provide residents with broadband internet access and the computers needed to maximize the benefits of online educational and economic resources. Digitunity, a non-profit organization committed to ending the digital divide, has released a commissioned report on the potential causes and solutions to the rural digital divide. 

"We know the digital divide has few boundaries," said Scot Henley, executive director of Digitunity. "It exists in large coastal cities and small towns in America's heartland. It affects people across demographics. With this report, we now know more about why that divide exists and how communities can resolve it."

Areas with substantial internet access and usage typically have higher levels of economic and community development in comparison to those with lower levels of use. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed in late 2021, dedicated an unprecedented amount of federal funding toward increasing broadband availability and adoption in less connected areas.

Digitunity's report, written by Oklahoma State University professor Brian E. Whitacre, discusses the direct correlation between internet access and rural economic development. It also looks in depth at the issue of device ownership, focusing on nationwide access and usage of large-screen devices recognized as superior to smartphones in the digital equity space. 

The three major segments of the report, titled "Status Quo," "Supply," and "Support," cover the socio-demographics impacted, as well as the supply chain processes and support networks working to resolve the digital divide rural communities face. The report's findings align with Digitunity's mission and focus on partnership networks. 

"Since its inception, Digitunity has operated on the belief that community-based organizations are essential to ending the digital divide," Henley said. "This report clearly defines the problems facing rural communities and how they can work with organizations like Digitunity to foster the solutions to those problems."

To learn more about Digitunity's mission to eliminate the digital divide in both rural and urban communities, please visit  

About Digitunity
Since the 1980s, Digitunity has advanced digital inclusion by connecting donors of technology with organizations serving people in need. Our mission is to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one, along with robust internet connectivity and digital literacy skills. To learn more about our mission, please visit

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Maria Penaloza
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Original Source: Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Computers to Address Rural America's Digital Divide
Not for Profit Leader in the STEM Space Launches Ambitious ‘Micro:bit for All’ Program to Get a Micro:bit STEM Kit Into the Hands of Every 5th Grader in the United States
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Not for Profit Leader in the STEM Space Launches Ambitious ‘Micro:bit for All’ Program to Get a Micro:bit STEM Kit Into the Hands of Every 5th Grader in the United States4 Virginia area schools have signed up. Dozens more interested. Virginia Tech Thinkabit Lab + Amazon + Boolean Girl + The Alice and Eugene Ford Foundation teaming up to make a difference. "It's our moonshot."

ARLINGTON, Va. - December 5, 2022 - (

Boolean Girl has teamed up with the Virginia Tech Thinkabit labs, The Alice and Eugene Ford Foundation and corporate sponsors like Amazon and Batelle to launch an ambitious nationwide program to spark an interest in technology, computer science and engineering.  The 'micro:bit for All' program aims to put a micro:bit microcontroller kit in the hands of every 5th grader so they can code, build and invent devices with lights, motors and sensors.

"This is our moonshot, " says Brian Moran, co-founder of Boolean Girl. "We have already handed out hundreds of kits and we are only scratching the surface. There is no bigger mission than to make sure kids engage in STEM. The micro:bit kit makes it FUN."

Sleepy Hollow Elementary school in Fairfax, Virginia is a title one school that received 75 micro:bit kits for designing, building, and prototyping.

"This powerful device is a pocket-sized computer that helps students explore how software and hardware work together," says Kathleen Fugle STEAM Resource Teacher at Sleepy Hollow. "At the end of the school year, each fifth-grade student will receive one micro:bit kit to take home for continued STEAM learning. We are grateful to Boolean Girl, and the Virginia Tech Thinkabit Lab for this generous donation that we know will make a difference."

With generous donations from Amazon, Abingdon Elementary in Arlington and Ferdinand T. Day Elementary in Alexandria have received dozens of kits. Barcroft Elementary school in Arlington is on deck to receive kits on December 10th and take advantage of courses taught in English and Spanish. 

"We are just getting started," Moran said. "With more and more schools interested and more and more sponsors willing to help we really hope to hit our ambitious goal and help thousands of fifth graders!"

About Boolean: Over the past several years the non-profit Boolean Girl has taught thousands of girls to code and build things with electronics. 

For more information on Boolean Girl and getting involved in Micro:bit for all and the December 10th event please visit

Contact Information:
Brian Moran
[email protected]
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Original Source: Not for Profit Leader in the STEM Space Launches Ambitious 'Micro:bit for All' Program to Get a Micro:bit STEM Kit Into the Hands of Every 5th Grader in the United States