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Visited Publishes Most Visited Pyramids, and Great Pyramids of Giza Did Not Make It to First Place
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Visited Publishes Most Visited Pyramids, and Great Pyramids of Giza Did Not Make It to First Place

Travel App Visited Compiles Over 1.7 Million Users' Data to Determine the 10 Most Popular Pyramids. Luxor Las Vegas make it to the 3rd most visited pyramid in the world.

 The travel app Visited by Arriving In High Heels Corporation has published a list of the top 10 most popular pyramids in the world. The data is based on user's selection on what pyramids they visited. Other popular travel lists, include: art museums, capitals of the world, ancient sites, kid's attractions, snorkelling and diving destinations and many others. 

Visited, available on iOS or Android, allows users to plan their dream getaways, mark off where they've been, discover bucket list destinations, and get a personalized travel map and stats. 

The top 10 most visited pyramids in the world, feature ancient pyramids such as Pyramids of Giza in Egypt as well as modern world pyramids such as Luxor in Las Vegas. "While we were not surprised that Louvre made it to the top of the list after all it is the most visited art museum in the world. We were surprised that Luxor in Las Vegas, made it to top 3," said Anna Kayfitz.

These are the most visited pyramids in the world according to Visited users:

  1. The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France, is an iconic glass and metal structure outside the Louvre Museum that draws the most tourists of all the pyramids.
  2. Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are the second most visited pyramids.
  3. Luxor Las Vegas in the U.S. is a top tourist attraction at the Luxor Hotel and Casino that is inspired by the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
  4. Pyramid of Khufu in Giza, also known as the Great Pyramid, is the largest Egyptian pyramid and was built in the 26th century BC.
  5. El Castillo known as the Temple of Kukulcán is an ancient Mayan temple and step pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico.
  6. Pyramid of the Sun was built by the Aztecs around 200 AD in Teotihuacan, Mexico.
  7. Pyramid of the Moon is an Aztec pyramid in the same complex as the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico.
  8. Pyramid of Djoser is a 6-tier, 4-sided step pyramid in the Saqqara necropolis, Egypt.
  9. Dahshur Pyramids were early pyramids including Senefru's Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.
  10. Prang Temple is a 30-meter high step pyramid with seven levels in Koh Ker, Cambodia.

To browse more top travel lists, see the most popular destinations, and create a personalized travel map, users can download Visited on iOS or Android.

Get the full Visited 2022 travel report for more travel stats with the most visited destinations based on U.S. and international travelers. To learn more about the Visited Map App, visit https://visitedapp.com

About Arriving In High Heels Corporation

Arriving In High Heels Corporation is a mobile app company with apps including Pay Off Debt, X-Walk, and Visited, their most popular app.

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Visited Publishes Most Visited Pyramids, and Great Pyramids of Giza Did Not Make It to First Place

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Remarks by President Biden in a Press Conference
26 min read
Remarks by President Biden in a Press Conference

Hilton HiroshimaHiroshima, Japan 6:57 P.M. JST THE PRESIDENT:  Please have a seat.  I don’t think there’s enough press here.  (Laughs.) Well, good evening, everyone.  Before turning to the important work we accomplished here at the G7, I want to take a few minutes addressing the budget negotiations that I’m heading back home to — to […]

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Timpanogos Hiking Co. Launches First Retail Store in Provo, Utah
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Timpanogos Hiking Co. Launches First Retail Store in Provo, Utah

How a Former Professor Grappled With Depression, Found Clarity in the Mountains, and Launched a Thriving Hiking Apparel Company

Timpanogos Hiking Co. Launches First Retail Store in Provo, Utah
Timpanogos Hiking Co. in Provo, Utah

Sign outside Timpanogos Hiking Co.'s first brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Provo

Timpanogos Hiking Co. will officially launch its first brick-and-mortar store in Downtown Provo this Thursday, May 25, 2023, just a short drive from its namesake, Mount Timpanogos. Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi is expected to attend the ribbon cutting at 3 p.m.

A Utah native, Timpanogos Hiking Co. founder and owner Joseph Vogel started the business as a side project while still living in Massachusetts, where he was a professor. "It was a way for me to kind of reconnect with home," Vogel explains. "I'd been away for 15 years, first for grad school in Rochester, New York, then for my career."

Around the time of the pandemic, Vogel was grappling with serious depression following what he describes as a series of "tough, life-changing blows."

He began returning to Utah more often in part to help with his mother, who suffered a major brain injury in 2020. During those trips, he also began hiking in the canyons and mountains he grew up in. "It was nice," he says. "I liked the movement. I liked just sweating and not looking at my phone and being surrounded by all that beauty."

Prior to starting the business, Vogel had reached the pinnacle of his profession in higher education, earning tenure as a professor of American literature and film, and publishing bestselling books on pop icons Michael Jackson and Prince. He also participated in two documentaries by legendary filmmaker Spike Lee. But "success," Vogel says, "isn't everything." 

The idea for Timpanogos Hiking Co. came one sleepless night in Massachusetts. "I saw the name and logo in my mind, and the tagline: escape the noise." 

A few months later, he launched an online store on the Shopify platform. "It was exciting," Vogel says. "I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun and challenging and I could see the potential." Rather than focusing on hiking gear, Vogel decided to highlight unique hiking-inspired designs — specifically for T-shirts and hoodies. "It was great," Vogel says, "because you could tell very quickly what was working and what wasn't." In the beginning, Vogel used print-on-demand services to keep inventory costs low and offer as many designs as possible. 

In just over six months, the business made over six figures in revenue. 

In February 2023, he decided to take a leap and sign the lease for Timpanogos's first physical store. The buildout and inventory required dipping into his retirement account. For the past few months, he says, he has been "bouncing back and forth" between Massachusetts and Utah while his kids finish the school year, but he has no regrets. 

"For me, it's about something bigger. Something personal, obviously, but something others can relate to." Vogel says he has taken inspiration from other purpose-driven businesses, including fellow outdoor apparel brand Cotopaxi. "Obviously, you want your business to be successful. But you also want to 'do good,' as Cotopaxi puts it, and I thought one thing we could do in addition to making cool designs is bring awareness to mental health and how good hiking can be for people struggling with mental health." 

Timpanogos Hiking Co. has customers in all 50 states and has quickly become one of the hottest outdoor apparel brands in the Mountain West.

Contact Information:

Joseph Vogel


[email protected]


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Timpanogos Hiking Co. Launches First Retail Store in Provo, Utah

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Reimaged Pizza Inn Prototype Unveiled With Opening of Buffet-Style Restaurant in Asheboro, North Carolina
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Reimaged Pizza Inn Prototype Unveiled With Opening of Buffet-Style Restaurant in Asheboro, North Carolina

In Its 65th Year, America's Hometown Pizza Place Opens First Restaurant with Fully Updated Look That Gives Nod to Nostalgia

Reimaged Pizza Inn Prototype Unveiled With Opening of Buffet-Style Restaurant in Asheboro, North Carolina
Pizza Inn in Asheboro, NC

New Pizza Inn Prototype is unveiled.

Pizza Inn, America's Hometown Pizza Buffet, has announced the debut of its new prototype buffet-style restaurant with the brand's return to the Asheboro, North Carolina, market. Elements of the new design combine modern simplicity and bold colors with warm woods and vintage themes. Components created to engage, entertain, educate, and inspire customers include:

  • A movie theater marquee above the buffet, which is considered "the star of the Pizza Inn show." It contains customizable channel lettering that will allow each restaurant to showcase special features.
  • Specially made booth seats emblazoned with artwork from Pizza Inn's proprietary flour bag from 1977. The custom vinyl is intended to remind customers that the chain has always made their pizza dough fresh, in-house, and intends to continue providing that value proposition in the future.
  • A permanent photo-op wall with pizza-inspired angel wings that proclaims, 'Say Cheese.' Customers can memorialize each visit with a photo in front of the whimsical, themed backdrop and post it on their social media platforms.
  • Nearly three-foot lighted marquee letters installed in the ceiling that spell, 'Slice Slice,' and are perpendicular to a soffit emblazoned with 'Baby,' paying homage to the first-ever hip hop single to top the Billboard charts, in 1990.
  • Cut-out timeline markers over each booth that visually depict the evolution of the brand's mascot, a happy and hard-working pizza maker, named JoJo. Debuting in 1967, progression of the brand's symbol represents its long heritage and success in remaining relevant through six and a half decades.
  • Design for the exterior of the repurposed building focuses on eye-catching colors and easily identifiable branding. The newly developed signage features modern LED lights that have the appearance of vintage neon.

Retail design firm, Chute Gerdeman, and advertising firm, BooneOakley, were hired to help redesign the restaurant and revamp the brand. Their mission was to create a fresh, clean, relevant aesthetic while focusing on the neighborly, reliable, and proud reputation of the iconic brand.

CEO of Pizza Inn's parent company, RAVE Restaurant Group (NASDAQ: RAVE), Brandon Solano, said, "This was truly a collaboration of experience and creativity. It was a tall order to reignite the Pizza Inn brand and still pay homage to our roots and welcoming hometown environment. I think, together, these two agency partners did a phenomenal job. I'm excited to introduce this new look in Asheboro and look forward to having it in all of our restaurants, chainwide."

Claire Oakley, Director of Client Services for BooneOakley addressed her agency's approach saying, "Pizza Inn is not a flash in the pan concept. It's a resilient, nostalgic brand with significant historical roots. We took the very best parts of what made it a truly unique brand and applied modern learnings and design to ensure it could be relevant for newer generations."

Wendy Johnson, EVP and COO at Chute Gerdeman added, "We think the playful energy of the new design will grab the attention of guests old and new. It's inviting, contemporary, and still committed to keeping the buffet the 'hero' of the restaurant."

The new Pizza Inn restaurant located at 1216 E. Dixie Drive, in Asheboro, opened its doors to the public in a festive grand opening ceremony on Tuesday, May 23, according to Owner/Operators, Dion and Dorrance Firooznia.

"We are bringing the buffet back and making it better than ever with our new logo, store design and image," says Dion Firooznia. "With this reopening, we aim to take those fond childhood memories the community had about Pizza Inn and make them even better. Asheboro has been waiting for our return and we look forward to giving them an experience that will make them want to come back for more."

Pizza Inn built a reputation for making fresh pizza dough, in-house, every day, using house-shredded 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, hand-cutting fresh vegetables and their house-made signature sauce. The menu also includes more than a dozen signature pizzas, traditional pastas and strombolis, as well as unique desserts, called Pizzerts®. One of the biggest draws, however, is a robust, all-you-can-eat, fresh salad bar, with an abundance of house-cut ingredients, a multitude of popular toppings, and six different dressings, including house-made ranch.

The Asheboro Pizza Inn is the fifth Pizza Inn to open this year and marks the seventeenth in the State of North Carolina. It is the second to open under Firooznia's six-unit franchising agreement. The restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day. For more information, visit https://www.pizzainn.com.

About RAVE Restaurant Group, Inc.
Dallas-based RAVE Restaurant Group [NASDAQ: RAVE] has inspired restaurant innovation and countless customer smiles with its trailblazing pizza concepts. The Company owns, franchises, licenses and supplies Pie Five and Pizza Inn restaurants operating domestically and internationally. The Pizza Inn experience is unlike your typical buffet. Since 1958, Pizza Inn's house-shredded 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, fresh ingredients and house-made signature sauce combined with friendly service solidified the brand to become America's favorite hometown pizza place. This, in addition to its small-town vibe, are the hallmarks of Pizza Inn restaurants. In 2011, RAVE introduced Pie Five Pizza, pioneering a fast-casual pizza brand that transformed the classic pizzeria into a concept offering personalization, sophisticated ingredients and speed. Pie Five's craft pizzas are baked fresh daily and feature house-made ingredients, creative recipes and craveable crust creations. For more information, visit www.raverg.com, and follow on Instagram @pizzainn and @piefivepizza.

About Pizza Inn
Since 1958, Pizza Inn's popular pizza buffet and friendly service have solidified the brand as America's hometown pizza place. Unlike your typical buffet, Pizza Inn built a reputation for using house-shredded 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, fresh ingredients and house-made signature sauce. This, combined with its small-town vibe, are the hallmarks of its restaurants that feature signature pan pizzas, chocolate chip 'pizzerts,' pasta dishes, salads and innovative creations that reflect today's customer cravings. The brand continues to thrive with new menu innovations, including its popular NYXL pizza. Follow Pizza Inn on Instagram @pizzainn and to learn more about franchising opportunities visit www.pizzainn.com/franchise.

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Reimaged Pizza Inn Prototype Unveiled With Opening of Buffet-Style Restaurant in Asheboro, North Carolina

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FACT SHEET: The 2023 G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan
8 min read
FACT SHEET: The 2023 G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan

Since President Biden took office, revitalizing our alliances and partnerships and reestablishing America’s leadership around the world has been one of his top priorities. The G7 Summit in Hiroshima showed that the G7 are more united than ever: united on Ukraine, united on China, united on economic security, united on building the clean energy economies […]

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