October 7, 2022

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2022 Latin America Forecast by Americas Market Intelligence

In this October 21, 2021 webinar from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), a panel of the company’s leadership team offered their outlook for Latin America in 2022. Panelists included:

John Price, AMI Managing Director
Lindsay Lehr, AMI payments practice leader
Guillaume Corpart, AMI healthcare practice leader
Arthur Deakin, AMI energy practice co-director
Alejandro Álvarez, AMI senior director, mining practice

After examining larger economic trends that will influence Latin America’s economy in 2022, the Forecast focused on which LatAm countries are best-positioned to recover the fastest from the COVID-19-induced economic crisis, as well as the industries in Latin America that should recover strongly in 2022. The webinar also focused on larger trends and their implications, such as the explosion of digital commerce, the return of the commodities supercycle and the rebooting of LatAm’s healthcare system.
You can review the different sections below:

0:00 to 7:17 Introduction and AMI background
07:18 to 0:11:43 Global drivers of growth and risk
0:11:44 to 0:26:12 LatAm regional trends
0:28:06 to 0:40:33 The explosion in demand for digital commerce
0:42:02 to 0:46:40 Mining investment risk trending in LAC
0:46:42 to 0:51:28 Energy outlook for Latin America & transition to green energy
0:57:01 to 1:01:13 Rebooting Latin America’s healthcare system
1:01:37 to 1:03:08 2022 SWOT Analysis for Latin America
1:04:27 to 1:32:57 Questions and answers

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb1KYeEnN9o

This news story originally appeared at Travel - RSV News on 13 August 2022