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Day: January 3, 2023

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Plaintiffs argue that District Court inaction causes irreparable harm in appeal to higher court

WASHINGTON - January 3, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

More than a dozen PredictIt traders and educators suing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in federal court have filed a Motion for an Injunction Pending Appeal in the Fifth Circuit. In the filing, they argue that a district court has delayed action to the point where relief would otherwise come too late to protect the PredictIt Market, which has functioned for more than eight years. The Motion asks the Court to rule by Jan. 19, 2023. 

Following several months of inaction and given the time-sensitive nature of this issue, plaintiffs filed a motion on Dec. 23, 2022, to move their request for a Preliminary Injunction from the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. 

Today's action asks the Fifth Circuit to enter an interim order preventing shut down of the PredictIt market while the Court considers the appeal. The filing also presents plaintiffs' reasoning for the motion and states that PredictIt and its traders have already suffered irreparable harm in the form of distorted pricing and compliance costs as a result of the CFTC's order to shut down on the arbitrary date of Feb. 15, 2023. 

"Given that the CFTC gave PredictIt an arbitrary deadline that is quickly approaching, and the District Court's focus on a venue change argument ahead of the substantive issues, we are pursuing every possible avenue to get relief and answers for the plaintiffs and the broader PredictIt user base," said David Mason, Aristotle General Counsel and former Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman.

Aristotle is the contract service provider for the PredictIt Market, which has operated under No-Action Relief CFTC 14-130 since 2014. 

Requests for the full text of the motion and other press inquiries should be directed to [email protected].


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A Time to Amplify and Expand Mentoring Opportunities for the Nation's Young People

BOSTON - January 3, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

January is National Mentoring Month, a time for Americans to celebrate the power of relationships, drive meaningful change, and expand quality mentoring opportunities for the nation's youth.

One in three young people are growing up in the U.S. without a mentor, and over the past few years, this gap has persisted as the nation is building back after COVID-19. Without mentors in their lives, the unprecedented challenges young people experience — including a national emergency in children's mental health — are only exacerbated. It is the responsibility of adults to respond with urgency and become a mentor. 

MENTOR Chief Impact Officer Tim Wills says, "As we build back from a pandemic that disconnected so many of our young people from important relationships in schools and their communities, we have a keen awareness of the power of mentoring to help youth form identities, feel seen and heard, and forge their own paths to success. National Mentoring Month is our call to action for caring adults in our nation to step up and become a mentor to ensure every young person has someone they can call on." 

MENTOR's research shows that when young people have a mentor, they are 75% more likely to say they held a leadership position in a club or sports team and 92% more likely to volunteer regularly in their communities. Adults who were mentored as youths are more than twice as likely to serve as mentors themselves because they know the power of these relationships. 

This National Mentoring Month, MENTOR and the mentoring movement are encouraging adults to volunteer as mentors. To find a local program,  go to the Mentoring Connector, the only national database of mentoring programs. Take action and join the growing mentoring movement today.


MENTOR is the unifying champion for expanding the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships across the United States. 30 years ago, MENTOR was created to expand opportunities for young people by building a youth mentoring field and movement. The result: a more than 10-fold increase in young people in structured mentoring relationships. Today, MENTOR is the expert voice representing a movement that meets young people everywhere they are — from schools to workplaces and beyond. MENTOR operates in collaboration with 24 local Affiliates across the country, with more in development. For more information, visit mentoring.org.

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